No Hot Water Pressure In RV

5 Surprising Reasons Behind No Hot Water Pressure In Rv

You’re preparing to take a hot shower in your RV. But alas! When you turn on the hot water, nothing comes out. Although problems like this can get irritating, it’s super easy to fix. 

So, what’s the reason behind no hot water pressure in RV? 

The reason why your RV may not have hot water pressure could be due to  leaking parts. It could also be because of the damaged water heater or a faulty thermostat. Another viable option is clogged valves or water filters. At times, low propane may also cause this.

Still not sure if you’ve understood all the causes? Keep on reading for a detailed explanation behind each of these problems and their solutions. 

Why Doesn’t Your RV Have Hot Water Pressure? 

An RV is an on-the-go home. As convenient as they are, they require a lot of maintenance. Like most homes, RVs have a multitude of systems to tend to. 

One of the systems that require a lot of attention is the hot water system. If you fail to take care of this system properly then your hot water pressure may decline. 

Some of the reasons why your RV may not have hot water are given below:

Leaking Parts

Let’s start with the most common cause of no hot water pressure in RV, leaking parts. As the hot water system is quite large, over time, many of its parts may sustain damages and leaks. 


Water heaters often get damaged and leak. So watch out for signs that your water heater is leaking. Pooling water around your water heater is one of the signs. 

Inspect your RV for a leaking fixture or a broken tube. Sometimes the hose providing the water to your RV may leak. 

Once you identify the part(s) that’s leaking, simply replace them with new parts. You can temporarily patch up the leak too. 

Damaged Water Heater 

Another, more alarming cause of your RV not getting hot water pressure is a damaged water heater. 

Other times your water heater may get rusty as it’s in constant contact with water. If the rust gets too severe then your water heater may fail. 

Sometimes the DSI fit on water heater may get damaged due to a lot of reasons. 


You can identify a damaged water heater by thoroughly checking each of the parts. Look for rust, and damage around different parts. 

Unfortunately, the only way to fix rust damage is by replacing the affected parts. Unfortunately, this is a costly procedure. 

As it is quite an expensive investment you may want to get a durable, and heavy-duty water heater. Here are our top picks for water heaters

Clogged Valves or Filters

Water contains different types of minerals. These minerals can build over time, on the water filters and valves. 

Finally, it reaches a point where these minerals clog the entire surface area of the valve or water filter. As a result, the flow of hot water stops. 


To fix clogged valves or filters, first, you need to remove RV waterline clamps. Then disassemble the respective parts of the heating system. After that, take the clogged water filter and valve, and put them in a big cup. 

After placing them in the cup, pour distilled white vinegar into the cup until the parts are submerged. Leave it for 10-20 minutes.

When the time is over, you’ll notice that the mineral deposits that clogged the filter and valve have dissolved. You can now place the parts back into the hot water system. 

Low Propane Levels

Another reason why you may not get hot water in your RV is that your propane levels are low. 

The whole process of water heating in an RV is done using propane. So a low propane level will decrease your hot water pressure.


To know if your propane levels are low, simply check your tank’s gauge. If the reading shows that you have a low propane level then you need to fill the tank with propane. 

If your propane tank runs low on the gas quite frequently then you might want to consider buying a good propane fire pit

Faulty Thermostat 

A possible culprit behind no hot water pressure can be a faulty thermostat in your RV. This is a very common problem in the older generation of RVs. 

With time, this thermostat gets damaged. 


To check if something is wrong with your thermostat, first, you need to take it out of the water heater. Once it’s out, examine the thermostat carefully to see if there are any damages. 

If you find any damage to the thermostat, then you need to simply replace it. Thermostats can be easily found in your nearby hardware shops and even online.

These are all the possible reasons why your RV may not have hot water.


Q: What to do if the water provided by the campground has low pressure? 

Answer: You can buy a booster pump to fix this issue. It will increase the water flow to the RV. 

Q: How often should I replace my water filter in the RV?

Answer: You need to change your water filter in your RV annually. If you use your RV regularly then in every season change your water filter. 

Q: What is the safe water pressure in an RV? 

Answer: The range of safe water pressure in an RV is 40-50psi. Take action if this water pressure increases or decreases. 


With that, we’ve come to the end of our article. Hopefully, by now, you can easily troubleshoot the problem behind no hot water pressure in RV. If you have any more questions regarding this topic feel free to let us know down below. Until then stay happy and healthy.

See you next time!

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