How To Drain Water Heater In RV? A Step-By-Step Guide

Are you an RV owner, and your RV water heater needs to drain? It is a major headache and a nuisance. If you’re seeking a technique to drain the water heater, this information is here to help.

A common question when it comes to RVs is “how to drain water heater in RV?”. This guide is a simple and easy way to drain the water heater without risking harm to yourself.

Is RV water heater draining necessary?

Most RV manufacturers recommend replacing your water heater’s filter once every three to five years. Replacing your water heater’s filter should be done when the filter has gone through its normal operating life, which is anywhere from six months to two years.

A typical filter lifespan is approximately three to six months, which is why it’s important to replace the filter before it fails.

How to drain water heater in RV?

You may have heard of the term “drain the RV water heater”, but it may be unfamiliar to you. If you’re RVing, and need to empty your RV’s water heater, you can do it yourself. In fact, you should do so every few years to prevent clogged pipes, corrosion, and other problems.

Inspect the drain before removing it

If you can see something sticking out of the bottom of the drain, such as hair or debris, you may need to flush the drain before opening it. Otherwise, it’s best to remove the drain before attempting to open it.

Unscrew the cap of your water heater’s vent hose

 If the cap is locked, you can unscrew the cap from the end of the hose, and the rest of the cap will release from the bottom of the water heater. Next, gently take off the remaining portion of the cap.

Open the drain valve

 Most drains are located near the bottom of the tank. There is often a large handle that controls the valve, and a valve that is usually red, orange, or black. Be sure to open the drain valve and not the drain plug.

Reach inside the tank and turn the power off to your water heater

 This will allow you to fully open the tank and drain the water. Don’t forget to shut off the power to the tank and drain once you’ve turned it off.

Remove the drain hose

If your RV water heater has a hose that runs to the outside of the tank, you can disconnect the hose from the tank and dispose of it. If your RV has no exterior hose, remove the hose from the valve.

Open the valve

 Remove the valve cover and look inside the valve. A handle will open the valve. Open the valve and let the water cease.

Empty the tank

However, if your RV water heater is new and hasn’t had much water in it, you’ll want to remove the water from the tank.

Fill the tank with fresh water

You’ll need to fill your RV water heater with fresh water, and run the hot water for a few hours to make sure it’s cleaned.

After you drain your RV water heater, consider purchasing a new one.

Should I empty the water heater in my RV after every use?

Yes, draining your water heater is important to keep your RV water safe from bacteria and other harmful microorganisms. Draining your water heater after each use is effective in keeping your RV water safe and hygienic.

However, this method does not remove any sediment or sediment-like matter that could build up on the heater’s heat exchanger. You can drain the heater after a long period of non-use, but it’s not necessary. Before putting the heater away, drain and clean it if you wish to be extra cautious.


How do I get the sediment out of my RV water heater?

In RVs, you usually have a water heater that sits on top of the RV’s tank. This makes it simple to get the water within but difficult to clean.

The easiest way to get the sediment out of your water heater is to drain it completely, and then take it to a hardware store to have it professionally cleaned.

How can a Dometic RV water heater be drained?

Drain the water from the bottom of the tank through the drain plug, and remove the plug from the hole. After that, release all of the water by opening the drain valve.

After that, disconnect the wires from the tank and remove it from the unit. Now, you can put it in a safe place and cover it to avoid damage.


How to drain a water heater in an RV is a common question asked by people interested in learning more about their RV. Not all RV owners, meanwhile, must drain the water heater after each usage. It is entirely dependent upon how the water heater was installed, and whether or not the owner has a professional plumber on hand.

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