What Is Dsi Flt On Rv Water Heater

What Is Dsi Flt On Rv Water Heater ? [A Complete Guide To Fix]

Hot water is what we need quite often. So, we generally use our RV water heater to get it done quickly and simply. However, this appliance gets sudden issues at times! And a dsi flt is one of the common problems it has! What to do then?

So, your concern is, what is dsi flt on RV water heater?

This is just the start of the main part that you are looking for! So, keep on reading if you don’t want to miss the important points! Sounds about right? Let’s get started then!

What Does DSI Flt Mean?

Well, to start with that, let us know about the abbreviations first. DSI stands for Dark Spark Ignition. And the term Flt simply means a fault. This device runs gas itself if the switch is turned on. It’s regarded as a safe RV system currently available in the market.

It used to be difficult to get hot water. You had to get out of your RV and walk around to the ignition. You also have to light the pilot light manually. If the pilot light in your RV doesn’t stay lit, try pumping propane into it. 

However, the DSI technology now eliminates that risk! When certain difficulties are discovered and fail to illuminate, it turns off the gas supply. 

The DSI control will frequently attempt to light the gas three times. If it fails three times in a row, the gas supply is cut off.

Furthermore, the DSI control board turns off the ignition once the appropriate temperature is attained. The pilot light, on the other hand, will remain glowing until the gas supply is turned off.

What Do I Do Now For This DSI Fault?

Well, first of all, do not panic over it as it is quite a simple thing to do! All you need to do is just reset your RV water heater. So, how to do it? See the steps given below to reset your RV water heater.

Step 1: Find Out The Reset Button

Resetting your water heater is not a difficult thing to complete. A reset button is found on most water heaters. To get the water heater back up to speed, you must push it. 

The challenge, though, is to locate the reset button. This button could be found outside your RV on the WH panel. That button may be to the left when you open the panel. It may, however, be in a different location depending on the model of your RV.

Step 2: Resetting The Water Heater

By pressing the left reset button, reset the 12-volt electrical component. Then it’d get heated up once more. You can have a water heater that is both hot and cold. In that case, there should also be a reset button on the right side of the WH panel.

The electrical side of the operation is reset with this button. The location of these buttons should be specified in your owner’s manual. They should also provide you with a diagram to assist you in locating them. 

In addition, you’ll have to wait till the DSI completes its three attempts. When the DSI makes these efforts, you should hear a clicking noise

You may notice the remainder of the system only functions for a short time. In that case, you are probably having other sections that aren’t working properly. As a result, you’ll need to repair or replace the affected parts.

Most of the time, you can find an issue with the supply valve. And you need to replace it in no time.

Confused about choosing the right valve? Take a look at our suggestions below-

You can count on these products without any hesitation!

This is how you can reset your RV water heater.

And remember, if there’s any problem with the ampere, get the best amp.


Q: What is the term used as FLT light?

Answer: The term FLT refers to a flaw or fault. When you turn on the propane water heater switch, the light turns on. The light should turn off once the water heater has properly heated up. If it doesn’t, it’s a sign that something isn’t right.

Q: Why won’t my water heater get the water heated?

Answer: Your propane supply valve may be turned off. Another reason could be that you skipped the water heater when winterizing your RV. It’s also possible that you neglected to return the supply valve to the “normal” or “open” place.

Q: Why does not the water heater work on the camper?

Answer: You may have heard a click, but no flame has appeared. You may have a clogged orifice or a faulty valve in this case. It’s simple to clean and/or replace these. Turning off the LP system is the final step in the RV water heater troubleshooting method.

Q: Where can I find the bypass valve on my water heater?

Answer: The bypass valve on your RV’s water heater can be found on the back of the unit. This is what your RV looks like inside. The anode of your water heater anode rod is located in the front of your RV water heater.

The Final Words

Now you know what is dsi flt on RV water heater! We believe we could present to you the most relevant information that you needed. 

Make sure you do not use your RV water heater roughly. Because this would decrease its lifespan eventually. We hope you have a clear idea about your concern now!

Good luck!

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