How To Clean RV Hot Water Heater Burner Easily? [Expert Guide]

If you’ve ever wonder how To Clean Rv Hot Water Heater Burner? you know it’s tedious and time-consuming. There are numerous crevices that need to be cleaned in addition to the burner, which is difficult to clean.

RV hot water heaters are one of the most famous campground equipment. They provide a convenient, quick way to get hot water for showers, making tea or coffee, or doing dishes. However, if the burner is dirty, it can cause problems.

This blog post will show you how to clean rv heater  burner easily using a few common household items. Not only will this make your cleaning job much easier, but it will also help prevent future burner fires.

Necessary Tools

  1. Air Compressor
  2. Water Heater Tank Rinser

How To Clean Rv Hot Water Heater Burner In 7 Simple Steps?

Step 1: Disconnect the power.

Turn off the water heater and wait for the water to cool before using it to take a shower in your RV. To check if the hot water in the tank is still hot, turn on a faucet inside and test the hot water.

When the water has cooled, stop any water from going into the RV’s tanks. Turn off all power sources to keep the water heater from starting while you work. Turn off your batteries, disconnect your power, and turn off your propane.

Step 2: Release pressure.

Find the outside door to the water heater on your RV and open it. Raise the lever on your pressure relief valve to let any pressure out of the water heater. The pressure relief valve is shown in the picture below.

Step 3. Remove any debris.

Clean the burner chamber and tube next using an air compressor. The picture below shows the air hose being put into the chamber where the burner is. The burner tube is the metal tube that goes from the chamber to the outside of the stove. Just blow into these spaces for a minute or two with compressed air.

Step 4. Drain the water heater

Use a socket or wrench with a 7/8-inch opening to loosen the plug until it can be turned by hand. With one hand, lift the pressure release valve, and with the other, pull out the plug all the way.

Step 5: Clean the water heater in the RV

Then, connect a garden hose to the tool for rinsing. Put the wand into the hole made when the plug was taken out. Pour water into the water heater for a while as you move the tool around. After you cut the hose off, let the water drain out.

Step 6: Switch out the plug

After the water heater has drained, put the plug back in. With a tool or your hand, tighten the plug after replacing it. Then, pull the lever down again to release the pressure.

Step 7: Clean the RV’s water heater.

Finally, clean all the parts of your RV water heater with an all-purpose cleaner and a fresh rag. Spritz a towel while avoiding the electrical wires to clean the water heater. Your annual RV water heater maintenance is now finished!


How do you wash a water heater burner?

If the water heater in your RV is dirty, you can clean it quickly with a few cheap items. In a bucket or plastic container, you should put warm water and a small amount of mild dishwashing detergent. Swish the water around the burner until the detergent is fully dissolved. Clean up the burner with a fresh towel. With a paper towel, dry the surface..

Will bleach hurt the RV water heater?

Bleach can be used safely to clean an RV water heater burner. Dilute bleach at a rate of 1 cup per gallon of water, and use the solution to clean the burner. Wipe down the burner with a cloth dampened with the bleach solution, then rinse with fresh water.


If you are having trouble cleaning your RV water heater burner, this guide is for you. In it, we will discuss the best ways to clean a burner and provide tips on how to prevent them from becoming clogged in the first place. We hope our guide on how To Clean Rv Hot Water Heater Burner helps you clean your RV water heater and function like new!

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