How Do You Upgrade Your Camper Rv Door Lock ?

No matter if you have a Class A motorhome or a campervan, the security of your vehicle is greatly influenced by the locks on the entry doors. Any RV user locked out of their vehicle due to a malfunctioning door lock will tell you how important a good high-security RV door lock is. The fact that an unoccupied RV is a prime target for thieves is well known. 

This article will address some commonly asked questions concerning RV door locks, explain how to change them, and offer some lock enhancements.

Reasons for upgrading RV Door locks

Your camper door lock is frequently an afterthought until it seizes or has a piece of a key broken off inside it. Door locks are prone to damage due to constant exposure to the elements.

The door lock that came with your RV is usually of poor quality. There have been numerous reports of stock deadbolts becoming entangled and latching themselves, locking RVers inside or outside their vehicles.

If you don’t upgrade your door lock, it could have the same key as many other factory-installed door locks. A more modern door lock guarantees a secure, dependable entry. 

Visual appeal is a major focus of camper upgrades. The door lock on your camper can be easily upgraded for a reasonable price, even if it isn’t its main feature. 

 A Guide for the Replacement of RV Door Locks

The security of your RV can be significantly increased by replacing the door lock. When you stop to think about it, the only thing preventing an undesirable stranger from entering your RV is the door lock. RV door locks should offer good protection from burglars and other attackers.

Types of RV Entry Door Locks

Two basic types of RV trailer door locks are available. The older keyless RV door locks with keypads and fobs and the more traditional deadbolts and latches are available.

Mechanical locks for RV doors

RV mechanical door locks include a normal handle lock and a deadbolt. When the door is locked, the deadbolt slips in by moving a piece of metal through the door to the frame, preventing the latch or knob from opening. When you first purchase a Class A, B, or C RV or travel trailer, most of them have mechanical door locks.

Keyless door locks for RVs 

Additionally, you can equip your vehicle with keyless RV door locks. The digital keypad and key fobs that come with these locks are programmed to unlock the RV door with a single click. The sole distinction between keyless RV door locks and mechanical locks is that the former don’t require manual opening and closing.

Additionally, Bluetooth-enabled wireless RV door locks that can be controlled using your phone (or another smart device) are available on the market. Battery-operated keyless door locks are used.

Keyless RV Door Locks : Advantages and Drawbacks


  • You do not need to worry about missing your keys, and an entrance code is all that is required to enter your rig.
  • You may enter your code or utilize your key fob rather than fumbling for your keys, which will save your time.
  • They’re safer, too. Key fobs are synchronized to your lock, unlike misplaced keys.
  • Change your entrance code if you lose a key fob to prevent someone else from using it to enter.

The drawbacks

  • Your lock will stop functioning if there is an electrical problem or a loss of electricity. This means that until it starts operating again, you must use the supplied keys. 
  • A keyless RV lock is more expensive to replace than a standard RV door lock. 
  • You will need to install your upgraded RV lock, even though it’s not too difficult.
  • You must remember to change your entry code regularly. If not, your keypad’s deterioration will reveal your code to potential burglars.

How to change the door lock on your RV

Changing the door lock is very simple. Almost typically, RV door locks are made to fit all doors. In actuality, the majority of RV door locks can be replaced within 10 minutes using a standard screwdriver.

Measure the size of the current RV door lock before ordering the replacement to make sure it isn’t an odd size. You can complete this simple DIY RV project if you can use a screwdriver or an electric screw gun.

Assemble your tools first

A screw gun with a #2 Phillips head bit or a screwdriver with a #2 Phillips head;

A new lock that fits your door properly


  • Start by opening the door.
  • Take out the four screws from your door lock’s inner side.
  • Remove the latch plate’s two screws from the edge of the door.
  • Discard the old door lock by forcing it through the door’s outer frame.
  • Insert the new door lock into the old lock’s location.
  • Use the two brief screws that came with your lock to install the replacement latch plate.
  • Place the “unlock” position on the plastic latch lock.
  • Use the four longer screws that came with your lock to attach the inside plate.
  • Before closing the door, make sure the lock functions properly by testing it with a key.

Locks are used to safeguarding storage spaces

To unlock the majority of campers’ storage CH751 key is used that’s why most of them will own the same key. So, it is wise to upgrade the locks on these facilities, even if this will keep the good people out of your storage facilities.

Additionally, having your door and storage compartment locks closed, in the same manner, is really convenient. Most campers employ tumbler locks on their storage compartments, which are infamous for seizing up and bending keys when they are not used properly. The storage door is typically equipped with a latch on one side and a lock on the other.

Since the latch side of the door typically does not close as tightly as the lock side, it is more susceptible to manipulation by would-be burglars in this situation. Having locks on both sides will add an extra layer of security because the locks and latches can be changed.

High-end brands of RV locks

Prices for different RV door lock brands might vary greatly. RV door locks are available from a variety of sources, including Amazon, RV dealers, Lowe’s, and Home Depot. Several popular brands are RVLock, Mictuning, ExGizmo, etc.


The following questions will help you understand if you are considering upgrading your camper door lock:

How do camper door locks function ?

A normal handle lock and a deadbolt are included with RV mechanical door locks. When the door is locked, the deadbolt slips in by moving a piece of metal through the door to the frame, preventing the latch or knob from opening.

Which benefits come from changing my door locks ?

For your trailer, modern locks provide increased security and convenience. The Comfort-grip handle conveniently incorporates routed wiring and heavy-duty steel locking mechanisms. 

What will I do if the batteries die ? How will I get to my trailer ?

When the battery life is about to expire, the keyless door transmits a signal, giving you plenty of time to replace the batteries. Each handle also includes a set of normal keys in case you are unable to enter the lock using the keypad or remote.

Are camper door locks universal ? 

RV door locks are often universal. Therefore, it will be a conventional lock unless the lock is plainly altered and personalized. Of course, a trailer door lock may differ from a motorhome door lock. So, check for locks designed for your particular RV type.


Not only will upgrading your RV locks give you more protection, but it will also give you peace of mind while you’re on the road. Remember that you won’t always be close to your camper and that you probably won’t always be at a welcoming RV park. When you purchased your RV and all the related equipment, you made a significant investment. 

Don’t let the cowardly thieves take advantage of you by making you an easy target. Keep everything you’ve earned safe.

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