Why Does My RV Toilet Smell Like Urine

Why Does My Rv Toilet Smell Like Urine ? [4 Ways To Resolve]

When you use your RV for a long time, you might face different toilet issues. For example, the urine smell in your toilet can be a great headache for you. The bad smell can even spread all over your RV and create an unhygienic environment.

Why does my RV toilet smell like urine?

Firstly, there’s a big chance that you haven’t cleaned the toilet for a long period. In this case, clean your toilet immediately. The second reason can be the clogged toilet. This can be also easily resolved. But sometimes the sewer tank can be broken as well. If so, you’ll need authorized mechanic help.

Don’t get stressed. We’ll be discussing 4 ways to resolve your problem. Stay tuned-

Why Does My RV Toilet Smell Like Urine 

There are many reasons that cause the foul odor. We’ve listed a few of the main causes that may be the root of this problem. 

Well, there can be different reasons behind this problem. For example- 

  • Unwashed Toilet
  • The toilet is clogged
  • The sewer tank is damaged

If the issue is between the first or the second one, you can fix them yourself. Keeping the water tank closed for a few days can easily reduce the odor. Moreover, you can also clean the freshwater pipelines and add new chemicals to the toilet.

But when it comes to sewer tank damage, you’ll need professional help. As it will be difficult for you to resolve sewer damage. Sewer damage can be as problematic as facing RV tank monitor panel issues.

Anyways, let’s broadly discuss the ways to get rid of this urine odor situation. 

4 Ways To Get Rid of The Dirty Smell

Luckily, there are ways to resolve the odor issue in your RV toilet. Moreover, you won’t need any high-priced chemicals either. Most likely you’ll already have all the necessary items in your RV right now.

Now, without wasting any time, let’s fix it-

Way 01: Use Enough Water

The first and foremost trick is to use enough water. Wastes like urine can’t wash out thoroughly if you don’t drain enough water. To work properly, wastage materials must mix with enough fluid to keep them from drying out. 

So, check your sewer tank and septic tank regularly. Because water flow directly depends on the sewer tank. If you keep the tank close, it helps to maintain water flow. Thus it keeps the wastage from drying out. 

Whereas, the opened sewer tank interrupts water flow and toxic solid materials remain there. Eventually, the odor drives back to the toilet and creates a toxic odor in the air. So, always keep the sewer tank closed and ensure enough water fluency. 

Way 02: Workable Flappers For Sealing The Toilet

The flapper is another important material that you should notice as well. A flapper stays inside of your toilet and seals the toilet pipe from breaking. It helps to carry the wastage to the sewer tank. 

But sometimes the flapper breaks or gets blocked. It hampers your toilet’s regular flow and odor comes backward from the black water tank. So, it’s really important to notice the flapper if it’s damaged or blocked.

Here, we prepared a bunch of the most effective flappers in the market. Have a look-

Choose any of these flappers to solve the issue in your RV. You can find these flappers in your nearest hardware store. There, you can also find the best propane fire pit for your RV.

Way 03: Use The Correct Toilet Paper

Using the wrong type of toilet paper can create unnecessary bad smells in your RV toilet. Because there is a different type of toilet paper available especially for RV toilets. 

But if you use regular household toilet paper it hampers your toilet. As these papers aren’t biodegradable. So, it ends up creating a toxic smell.

So, it’s better to collect the actual type of tissue paper for your toilet purpose. Keep in mind, use of excessive RV toilet paper can also create problems.

Way 04: Keep Your Toilet Clean

Ultimately, the key to keeping your RV toilet hygienic and odor-free is regular cleansing. Your sewer tank must function correctly. This tank is only made for collecting the debris and toilet paper. Other materials can clog the tank line and chemicals can’t disintegrate.

So, to keep the toilet line clean, a chemical bath is necessary. It will prevent the toilet from unpleasant smells. Moreover, try to avoid harsh chemicals while cleaning the toilet. However, keeping the toilet of your RV clean is as easy as removing the water line clamp.


Q: Can I use bleach down the RV toilet?

Answer : Well, it’s better not to use any type of bleach or antifreeze. If you use them for deep cleansing, these will affect the rubber seals. Finally, they’ll end up ruining the sewage system. Though the emptying and cleaning process may vary according to the uses of the RV washroom.

Q: Can I put vinegar in my RV black tank?

Answer : Yes, you can. Fill the tank with 15 gallons of 1:1 proportion of water and white vinegar solution. Now, turn on the water supply from the tank and wait until you smell the vinegar. 

Q: How to sanitize RV toilet?

Answer : Firstly, spray the toilet cleaner inside the toilet bowl thoroughly. Then scrub the toilet bowl using any non-abrasive bowl brush or sponge. Finally, wash out with clean water.

Q: Can you use pine sol in your RV toilet?

Answer : Yes, definitely you can use pine soil in your RV toilet.  Pine-Sol helps to disinfect and clean your toilet from the inside out. It’s a really useful product to maintain your toilet’s hygiene.

End Note

These are all about why does my RV toilet smell like urine? We’ve tried to guide you with all possible ways to get rid of the dirty smells. Hopefully, now you can easily resolve this urine odor issue.

Have a good day!

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