How To Recover RV Jack Knife Sofa

How To Recover Rv Jack Knife Sofa ? Expert Guide

The jackknife sofa is the most intriguing part of the RV. As useful it is, its covers get dirty easily. We would blame it on the weather and constant journey. Due to heavy expense, we would suggest you revive it instead of replacing it. It’s cheaper, easier, and effective.

So, how to recover the RV jack knife sofa?

You can start by taking off the old sofa covers. After that, replace the old foam off the couch. Then, check for the damaged frame and repair if damaged. Lastly, put back the covers.

Sounds exhausting right? We understand. That is why we have prepared a whole article for you. So hop right in!

Why Should You Get An RV Jack Knife Sofa?

If you are homey yet still love road trips like us, then RV is for you. RV’s specialty is, it gives you the comfort of a home while giving you the pleasure of traveling. This is why a good set of RV furniture is essential.

The jackknife sofa is the cheapest and most space-saving RV investment. In RV, you have to be a smart buyer and invest accordingly. So, a sofa that doubles down as a bed would interest you. 

A jackknife sofa in an RV is a couch that can be pulled out and used as a bed. All you have to do is pull the seat down and it will place flat. 

Because it doesn’t have a heavy mattress, it’s a perfect alternative to a traditional pull-out sofa. Because of their low cost and ease of use, these goods have become a popular choice. 

For an RV with limited space, that has to be the second-best thing after the best RV hand pump faucet.

How To Replace RV Jackknife Sofa?

Jackknife sofa might need recovering for various reasons. A few major factors would be: 

Covering got old, cover peeling off, stains or just for a new change.

Required Tools 

Before that let us discuss the tools to be used in the process. To recover the jackknife sofa, too many tools aren’t required. But still are asked to use. As tools are necessary to make the action easier and safer. Such as:

  • New covers (obviously): Toss your old covers away and replace them with new ones. If you are planning to recover get yourself the comfiest and cool tones.
  • Pliers: These are necessary to put out the nails off the furniture. This is comparatively safer than any other system. Nails are dangerous to work with. That is why you have to use pliers to take them off. 
  • Foam: If you think your sofa foam needs replacement, buy a mattress foam for it. A dirty mattress may cause mites and smell. That has to be the last thing you’d want.

Most of these tools are important for the future. Minor fixing like taking off hinges or removing waterline clamps etc. could be done easily with handy tools. Everyone should keep a handyman box before planning a journey by RVs.

Recovering RV Jackknife Sofa: 4 Easy Steps To Follow

Recovering an RV jackknife is cheaper than getting a new one. So, to recover an RV jackknife sofa, a few steps should be followed. They are-

Step 1: Take Off The Covers

First of all, start with taking off the covers. You need to take the nails off the furniture from the bottom. Then proceed to peel off the old fabric off.

Step 2: Replace The Foam

If your foam is old and deflated, you should replace it. A new one would make your sofa comfier. Here are some of our favorite brands:

Step 3: Check For Damages

Before putting anything on, check for damages. In sofas as such, there could be issues like, rusty screws, tough joints, hinges that make noise while opening the bed, etc. make sure to care for them all.

Replace the rusty screws with new ones. Then add lubricate the joints and hinges for easy bypass. 

It might not sound important, but it might cause serious trouble in the long run. We don’t want you to suffer the consequence and wonder how to patch wood paneling as external damage.

Step 4: Put Back the Covers

At last, put back the covers to end the ritual. For this, you’re allowed to go crazy. Any fabric you like is okay.

But do make sure the fabrics are long-lasting, comfortable, and easy to clean. Otherwise, you will have to go through this recovering process all over again.


Q: Can I recover RV cushions?

Answer: Yes, you can. You need to first remove the covers then take off the cushion of the RV.

Q: Can I recover cushions without sewing?

Answer: Of course you can. You can use hot glue as an alternative.

Q: Is recovering a jackknife sofa better than replacing it?

Answer: It depends on how much damaged it is. To fix an overly damaged couch is a waste of more money and effort whereas, a new one might have been cheaper and easier. 


By now, you should know everything we knew about jackknife sofa replacement. We tried our best to deliver our knowledge informatively. 

But, if you haven’t learned anything yet, it’s ok too. Not everyone has to know everything.

Seek professional help if things look overwhelming. We are proud of you for trying.

Until then, Happy recovery! 

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