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How To Load A Rv Grease Gun ? [ 10 Shocking Facts About ]

Do you know how painful can be the situation when air stuck into the grease gun?

I know!! Because I have gone through such situation. I thought to load a grease gun seems so easy. But unfortunately, the air had been locked into the grease gun. And it had taken a lot of time to release the air.

So, I have made this article about loading the grease gun after consulting with an operator who is an expert on this matter.

Let’s see the loading operation. You don’t need to concentrate fully!!! Because the operation is quite easy . But remember one thing you have to follow the process fully.

How about if I address you with two methods of loading grease gun. At first, let’s meet with reservoir grease gun.

Separating the head of the grease gun

On the head of the gun, you will find a cap which is connected also to the handle. There is attached also applicator tube. Unscrew the head of the barrel.

Please make sure on a thing that the handle which is connected to the piston rod, actually the handle, fully depressed in. Otherwise accidentally grease can come out through this.

Enter a container of grease into the barrel:

Open the end of the barrel and hold that. Then fill the container with the grease and slowly let the plunger rod fill the reservoir by drawing back and pulling the grease into the barrel.

Remove the barrel of the container head

When you have finished the job with plunger rod then remove the barrel of the container. Lift the end which is open and rotates to make it free from grease. Then use a cloth or something else to remove the extra grease that may cling to the barrel.

Rejoin the cap of the barrel:

Now you may find in your reservoir grease gun that you have to screw them on. Or you may find that you have to set the nozzle screwed.

Whatever, you have to screw the joint until the thread doesn’t fully seat.

Test the Gun

Please check before using professionally to make it sure that you haven’t done anything wrong. Press the handle and squeeze the trigger and wait until you can see the grease come out of the applicator tube.

Clean the grease gun with a cloth and use it for your purpose.

Now, I will make you introduce the cartridge grease gun. Let’s see how to load a cartridge grease gun.

Remove the cap of the cartridge

There is nozzle attached to the cap of the housing of the cartridge of the grease. From the nozzle, the grease exerts out.  Unscrew the cap of the cartridge by turning it clockwise and turn the nozzle anticlockwise.

If you find hard to remove the cap, apply some elbow grease.

Pull back the plunger rod

You may find a plunger rod out of the barrel which is opposite of the nozzle. Then pull the handle until it fully comes out from the barrel.

Secure the piston

The piston rod of the barrel may move sideways to stop the barrel from moving forward or can move again with the help of a release tab which is attached to the end of the barrel.

After securing the piston rod, pull out the cartridge.

Clean the grease gun

At first, it will be wise to clean the inside of the grease gun. Wipe the whole barrel with a cloth. This will help to remove the excess grease.

Insert the cartridge

At first, pull out the cap from one end of the new cartridge. Then push it fully and start pushing from the opening end. After setting, remove the seal of the cartridge.

Attach the barrel head and check

Release the piston rod from the end of the barrel to the retracted position and then push it. Before that screw the cap of the barrel.  This will help air to go around and start to flow the grease.

  • When the grease will come out, stop!
  • Fully screw and make sure that the piston has been attached.
  • If you have done to this point, you have already loaded the grease gun.


So, this the ending point that I am going to say that I have introduced you to the loading method. You know now two processes of loading the grease gun.

In the cartridge grease gun, you have to concentrate on piston rod especially for ensuring safety. But in reservoir loading method, you don’t need to put much effort.

It’s your choice what you want to do because after all, you have to check the market price.

So decide what type of container and grease gun you want to use and read this article again and just follow these simple process.

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