How To Remove TV From RV Cabinet

How To Remove TV From Rv Cabinet ? [A 3 Step Guideline]

Having a television on your RV entertains you on rainy days or at night. So, you’re probably thinking about buying a brand new high-tech TV for your RV. Now, you are trying to bring out the old TV from the cabinet. 

Now the main question, how to remove TV from RV cabinet?

Well, removing the television from the cabinet is a piece of cake. Firstly, search out the hardware, like screws and brackets. Then, you have to unscrew those with proper tools. Before unmounting the TV, disconnect the power connection. Finally, dismount the TV, with the help of someone else if necessary.

This was just a sneak peek. We are sharing the whole process with a 3-step guideline. So, if you got a few minutes, read along with us-

3 Step Guideline : How To Remove TV From RV Cabinet

Removing the TV from your RV wall is an easy task to accomplish. All you need is some technical knowledge and a few tools. The rest of the process is way easier than resolving the battery heating issue. The only thing you need to do is follow our instructions accordingly.

Anyways, let’s have a look at the necessary tools we will need on this task-

  • A Screwdriver
  • A Drill
  • An Adjustable Wrench
  • A Flashlight
  • A Mirror

Bring out these tools from your tool kit. Moreover, we also suggest seeking help from somebody while removing your TV. 

However, we are about to start our TV removal process. There will be 3 step guidelines for you. So, let’s jump into the wagon to fix the issue-

Step 1 : Find out the Screws 

Different types of RV models have different structures. Most of the RV TVs are set into a cabinet. Some cabinets are user-friendly so you can easily bring out your TV. Usually, these cabinets hold a release bar to give it a good pull. So, you can effortlessly pull out the TV.

Then again, some cabinets don’t come with this facility. If your RV is one of them, you have to unscrew your TV from the mount. You can’t see the screws or brackets in the first place. Because they are hiding behind wood or paneling. So, your task is to remove those screws from the cabinet first. 

Generally, the TV is mounted to the wall through only four screws on each corner. Try to find them by hand or with the help of your screwdriver. Mostly search around the back sides of the cabinet. If you still suffer to find those screws, use a flashlight and a mirror.

Lastly, the final trick is to slightly shake the TV with both hands. You will hear some wiggles from the back part. Those wiggling areas are the correct spots where the screws are hiding!

Viola! We found our main object to work on. Now, we’ll start our technical part.

Read along!

Step 2 : Unscrewing 

As we said earlier, different RVs have different patterns. Similarly, the hardware may also require a dissimilar number of screws as well. Sometimes, you will find a hex socket or a Torx screw rather than the regular Phillips or flatheads. 

So, you’ll need the screwdrivers accordingly. Or else, you might screw up the whole thing and end up with a stripped screw. Trust us, this will be a more challenging project. You can easily find out the correct screwdriver. Just find out which one snugly fits into the head without wobbling.

However, we have prepared a list of different screwdrivers for your unscrewing purpose. Let’s have a look and decide which one goes with your desired hardware- 

Grab the perfect kit from your nearest hardware store. You can find the best drawer latches for your RV from this hardware store as well.

Now, we’re ready for the unscrewing part. Remember one thing, these screws can be as long as eight inches. So get prepared for some real hard work to remove them. Meanwhile, call your partner to hold the TV while you’re unscrewing. 

Because, when the screws and brackets will start losing, that large TV will also come loose. So if you don’t have any second set of hands to grab, it will fall anytime.

However, in many cases, the screws lie at an angle or are set tightly into the wall. So, you may not reach there easily. In that situation, grab a screwdriver head and turn it with an adjustable wrench. This extra effort will serve you better mobility in a shorter space. 

Step 3 : Dismount The TV

Well, we’re done with the toughest part of our TV removal task. Now, the last part is to dismount the TV. As we’ve already unscrewed all screws and brackets, now slowly pull forward your TV. Don’t forget to uncord the power source and cables from behind. 

Keep in mind, there is no foundation behind the TV. So, both you and your partner have to be cautious while pulling it forward. Or else, the TV might drop. Finally, you’re done removing the old TV from the cabinet. 

See! The process was as easy as removing window screens from your RV. 


Q: How do you mount a TV on a camper without studs? 

Answer: An alternative of studs can be a toggle anchor or a toggle bolt. You can use hollow wall anchors that are quite alike regular screws. This will help to mount the TV backside of your wall without any studs.

Q: Can you use a regular TV mount on your RV?

Answer: Yes, you can use a regular TV mount on your RV. Yet you have to be careful if you’re using an adjustable mount. As it will move while you’re driving. So, it’s better to remove your TV from the mount while traveling.

Q: Are there special TVs for RVs?

Answer: Yes, you’ll find TVs specially built for your RV. These TVs will serve you as crystal clear and high-quality as your regular home TV. Moreover, you will find some extra features with excellent options for your RV. 

Q: How do you know if your wall can hold a TV?

Answer: To hang your TV, find the studs through a stud finder. A stud finder will help you to locate the hanging position of the TV on your RV wall. 


These are all the necessary instructions for how to remove TV from RV cabinet? Hopefully, that clears any confusion. Try to follow the instructions accordingly and the process will be much easier.

Have a good day!

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