How To Remove RV Window Screens

How To Remove Rv Window Screens ? [3 Easy Go to Ways]

If you love enjoying vacations outside the home, then indeed, you love RVs as well. But RVs do require regular maintenance. And removing and replacing window screens is one of them which is very common.

But how to remove RV window screens?

Well, removing window screens in an RV is one of the most manageable tasks if you can do it properly. Usually, pin pulling can be your technique for the removal of window screens. However, depending on different cases, grabbing the tabs or using a prying tool may be needed.

Now, you might think you need to know these things more in detail. That is why we have a whole discussion ready to answer all your queries. Spare some time and start diving deeper.

3 Ways For Removing RV Window Screens

RVs have large windows to enjoy the view outside. Sometimes it is peaceful to open the windows and enjoy the fresh air. However, windows can get dirty in this process. So, removing the window screens and cleaning them is a must. But don’t worry, it’s not like removing hot batteries.

Now, let’s get to know how to remove RV window screens.

1. Pin Pulling

Some screens have two small pins at the bottom corners. These are spring-loaded locking devices that are on the interior side. These pins hold the screen tight enough to work well. At the same time, they can be used as an easy getaway while removing the screen.

Removing the pins are also easy, you won’t need fancy tools like ladder jacks for the task.

To remove the screen, hold both the pins at the same time, one with each hand. After that, pull the pins straight back with as much force as needed.

Take caution not to use too much force. You will be able to remove the screen from the window by doing so.

Finally, slide the screen out of its frame carefully. While sliding the screen, keep it straight and upright. Otherwise, both the window screen and frame might be damaged.

2. Grabbing The Tab

Some window screens do not have pins. Instead, they have tabs that you can hook with your finger for removal purposes. These tabs can be either on one side of the screen or on the bottom edge.

Move the tabs to the center of the screen to remove the window screen. Pulling the tabs will compress the tension springs which are hidden inside.

Bring the screen close to you and then grab the edges for better support. After that, move the opposite edge out of the track carefully. If somehow it gets stuck, wiggle it gently.

3. Using Prying Tool

Some window screens do not have pins or tabs. But don’t panic; you can also get rid of them. All you’ll need is a prying tool for that.

A butter knife or flat-head screwdriver can work as a prying tool. Or you can collect a dedicated prying tool for your convenience.

Use your prying tool to pry up the window screen from the bottom or one side. Pull the screen towards yourself with the help of the tool. After that, use your hand to remove the screen from the opposite side of the track. Thus, you can remove the window screen from your RV.

So these were the 3 ways to remove RV window screens.

Safety Precautions

Removing window screens may be necessary, but not by hurting yourself. Also, you might damage the window while removing the screen. So, it is better to follow some safety precautions. Some of them are-

  • Don’t lean on the window. Otherwise, you can fall off and hurt yourself. The window is not strong enough to hold your balance, and so it can not prevent falling.
  • For safety reasons, don’t let anyone stand or be present just under or outside the window. This is to ensure that the screen doesn’t fall on them. You can keep the RV door open while working.
  • If you are trying to remove the screen from outside and can not reach the window, call someone tall enough. Do not stand on any furniture or something else to reach out the window.
  • The window screens can have sharp edges. So, look out for the edges so that they don’t hurt you.
  • If you can not remove the window screen on your own, ask someone experienced enough to do so. It is better to have the work done by the expert rather than ruining it yourself.

So, follow these precautions and protect yourself as well as the screen.


Q: How do you remove a PVC screen from RV?

Answer: Take a razor knife or flat-head screwdriver to remove the old PVC splining and pull it out with your hands.

Q: Is there a way to reinsert a window screen?

Answer: Yes, to reinsert a window screen, you have to pass the whole thing through your window again.

Q: Why do you need window screens in RVs?

Answer: You need intact window screens to let the breeze come through the window while keeping the bugs and other unwanted things outside.


Removal of window screens is a primary task of your regular RV maintenance. Even if they don’t get dirty, with time, they may get old and damaged.

So, you can not escape it. Also, it is not that complicated, and you can do it quickly. Here we have tried to give you all the information you might need on how to remove RV window screens.

We hope this article was helpful to you. Have a good time with your RV.

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