What Length Water Hose For RV

What Length Water Hose For RV ? [ All You Need To Know]

Having a water hose in your RV is a very important commodity. It helps you to do various cleaning and essential works with ease. But the burning question is about the length of the water hose you need.

So, what length water hose for RV?

The length of the water hose for an RV depends on your usage. Most RV users use a 50-foot drinking water hose or two 25-foot drinking water hoses with a 5/8-inch inner diameter. Before you go in an RV, there are a few things you should know about these essential pieces of equipment.

We’ll go over everything you didn’t think you needed to know about RV hoses.

Types of Water Hoses

A hose isn’t just a hose. When you’re camping, mixing up your hoses might be hazardous to your health. Make sure you have a dedicated hose for drinking potable water and a separate hose for non-potable water.

Non-potable water can be utilized for things like flushing your sewer line and cleaning your RV, but it’s not safe to drink and shouldn’t be mixed with your freshwater hose.

Let’s take a situation where you’re traveling to a location where the temperature falls below freezing. To keep your water supply from freezing, you’ll need a heated water hose. 

However, remember that heated RV water hoses are well-insulated and include electric elements. But sometimes there can be no pressure in hot water lines. 

They’re also safe to use for RVers because they’re rated for drinking water. On the side of the heated hose, a heat strip is usually visible. That strip is connected to a standard 110-volt electrical outlet to heat it.

As a result, the water in the hose remains above freezing and can easily flow inside your RV. Water hoses that do not freeze are sometimes known as no-freeze water hoses.

The Right Length of an RV Water Hose

It’s difficult to go without water for an extended period. If you have a generator, you can get by without sewer hookups or even power. However, if you can avoid having to break camp only to get to the nearest fill station, things will be a lot easier.

What size water hose to purchase for RV camping is simple. It is dependent on the model of RV you are using.

You can get away with a 25-foot hose which can get you more water. But that won’t be the case in every case so make sure you have a good quality hose.

Another thing to consider is whether you want one long hose or several smaller ones that may be joined together to form one long hose.

An issue to think about is storage. Hoses that come in smaller segments are easier to store. You need to have a full idea of RV water hose care

The hose diameter is the last item you should consider. Although the majority of the water pipes in your RV will be 1/2 inch in diameter. 

Hoses come in several diameters, including 7/16ths, 1/2 inches, and 5/8ths. 5/8′′ is the most common hose diameter, which should be sufficient for your RVs.

Features & Benefits of RV Water Hoses

Many types of RV hoses claim extra features like no-kink, no-twist, or no-tangle. Hoses come in a variety of lengths. The most popular are 6-, 12-, 25-, and 50-foot lengths. When camping, the distance between the campground water source and your RV might vary substantially.

It’s not possible to transport numerous short pipes in your RV. A drinking water hose that is long enough to meet all of your needs is ideal.

You can also use a hand pump water faucet to have easy use for your chores. But make sure to get the best hand pump faucet.

Nonetheless, having a variety of hoses of various lengths can be beneficial. The ideal length is just enough to get you connected without placing too much strain on the hose. Stretch the hose inside if you have more than you need to provide a smooth water flow.

What to Consider When Buying an RV Water Hose 

Regardless of any condition, always seek a hose that says it’s designed for drinking water safety. 

One issue is that water hoses can get clogged inside. You should be able to unclog the waterline in those situations.

A water pressure regulator is another item to consider for your RV’s water setup. It can help guarantee that the external water connections aren’t too strong for your RV. 

These are the best water pressure regulators available in the market. You can use them without facing problems. 

RV Water Hose Pricing

An RV water hose’s price varies based on the brand and type. Heated RV water hoses are, relatively more expensive than those without insulation and heating elements. 

A heated RV water hose might set you back roughly $100. An uninsulated yet potable-water-safe RV drinking hose would cost somewhere between $10 and $30.

That’s all from us regarding RV water hoses. 


Q: Can you use a regular garden hose for an RV?

Answer: Garden hoses aren’t meant to be consumed by humans. The materials used to build them can leach plastics, heavy metals, and other contaminants into the water.

Q: What size is a standard hose spigot?

Answer: They usually have a threaded exit that can be linked to a garden hose or a backflow preventer. Either a 1/2-inch or 3/4-inch wide outlet will be used.

Q: What is the difference between an RV hose and a garden hose?

Answer: Unlike RV potable water hoses, garden hoses are not approved for potable water, and they can leech contaminants into your water supply, causing it to taste and smell bad. It’s even possible that it’s harmful.


We hope we’ve cleared all your tensions regarding what length water hose for RV you should get. However, choosing the proper RV water hose size is mostly a matter of personal taste and what will work best with your particular setup.

If you have any queries, ask us without any hesitation.

Happy traveling, and remember to stay hydrated while you’re out there.  

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