How To Increase Water Pressure In RV Shower

How To Increase Water Pressure In RV Shower ? [5 Think ]

After a tiring workout session, when you reach out for taking a shower in your RV only to find the water’s trickling, that makes you go all mad, doesn’t it? We understand such frustration. So, in this write-up, we have put together the possible solutions for how to increase water pressure in RV shower. 

One of RVs’ most common problems nowadays is a lack of water supply. They have a low stream of water even though you get the water pressure regulator at its top speed. It’s generally not the fault of the RV shower; rather, it’s the RV water pump.

There are various causes for which the water source of your RV plumbing may be defective. No matter the reason for your RV to stream such a low flow of water, there are a number of solutions that you can apply. We’ve compiled a list of valuable suggestions to assist you in resolving this common issue.

How to Increase Water Pressure in RV Shower

One of the worst parts about owning an RV is dealing with weak water flow rates. Whether you’re taking a shower or trying to run the toilet, you can’t always count on a slight trickle. While it might not seem like a big deal for some, others find the low pressure frustrating.

Many people think that an adjustable regulator with a pressure gauge can increase the streaming pressure. But what if I say replacing the shower heads will also fill the purpose? You can’t deny that too. Essentially, it is all about diagnosing the problem first before getting a cure. 

Diagnose the Causes of Low Water Pressure

As mentioned earlier, several reasons can cause your RV to have weak water pressure. And initially, you can check on the water hoses or the RV water pump to diagnose if they are defective.

Although your RV has a fresh water tank, it is no wonder if it gets faulty. Also, check on other vital parts such as the shut-off valve, RV water pressure regulator, water pressure gauge, and more.

If you find any of these parts defective, including the water filter, it’s time to get your RV plumbing done. You can also check on the shower heads and look for a replacement if needed.

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Consider Checking for Leaky Water Line

Another significant cause of low water streams is a leaky water line. Many RVs now allow you to connect directly to an outer waterline. So, the water pipe you are using to connect may have a leakage somewhere, causing the entire water flow to result in a trickle of water. 

Punctured water lines or loose fittings may cause issues with the integrity of your plumbing. A loose pipe clamp or a crack in a water line will gradually reduce the overall water pressure. This will make it seem like there’s something wrong with every faucet and showerhead.

So, make sure to always check for leaks, rust, and other problems that may occur in your plumbing system. If you can’t find any leaks yourself, inexpensive devices are available that can help pinpoint a leak.

A Step by Step Procedure to Increase Water Pressure 

If you’re using an RV park or campground fresh water tank supply with low water pressure, there are a few quick and easy fixes you can make,

  • Ensure half-filling the storage of the freshwater tank
  • Disconnect the waterline of the RV or campground 
  • Prime and power up the RV’s onboard water pump
  • Set on a single fixture as far away from the RV pump is feasible

You can use the steps listed below to clear the clogs in your water filter. It will increase the water pressure automatically.

  • The RV’s water filter should be located near the water pump.
  • Carefully open the housing
  • Remove the filter head and check for any problem
  • Check on your RV’s specs and replace it with a new filter
  • As per the directions in the RV owner’s manual, seal the housing and prime the freshwater tank.

Upgrade any faulty water pump for increasing the water pressure. Here is a step-by-step procedure for replacing your RV water pump,

  • Empty your freshwater storage tank.
  • Turn off the water pump power at the fuse box or breaker panel.
  • Remove the bolts that safely secure the water pump to the RV’s frame.
  • Wiggle the water pump out of line by disconnecting the water line hose clamps and the power wires.
  • Remove the new replacement water pump from the box and connect it to the rest of the system.
  • Connect the in and out freshwater lines to the new water pump. Make sure it’s securely in place.
  • Connect the electric cables with hose clamps in place.
  • To activate the pump, turn the breaker or fuse on.
  • Fill the fresh water storage tank with a small amount of water.
  • To see if the pump delivers the water, open a tap in your water system.

Frequently Asked Questions

This segment elaborates on the most asked questions regarding the RV shower. Let’s get started exploring what’s useful without further ado.

How to replace an RV shower head?

To replace an RV showerhead, you need to detach the older shower head from its body. The process follows with unscrewing a nut in the lid of the water pipe.

After you’ve separated the old one, you’ll need to replace the new one in the exact location. You can take off the cap from the top of the pipe and tighten the head there with the screw. 

Why does my RV shower head not turn off?

You may have a faulty shower head. You can check on the showerhead off/on switch. These switches tend to be defective most of the time. 

How to clean an RV shower head?

To clean an RV shower head, you can either take off the showerhead from the body then use soapy water to clean it. Otherwise, you can also wash it just with detergent or soap-mixed water. You can also use vinegar if any water stains are sticking to the head. 

Key Takeaway

RV water pressure pumps are a vital component of an RV’s plumbing system. They use the engine coolant to heat and move water through the RV’s pipes and into the shower, toilet, and sinks.

It might be a costly and time-consuming repair if your pump goes down. However, you can do a few things to keep it in good operating order.

The first thing you should try is to contact your local motorhome parkway because they will help inform you that their water pressure is acceptable or if there is a problem with the city’s water supply or check out the RV problem.

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