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Our Best Mini Split For RV : The Temperature Man

Cold weather demands the need for some extra heat but during hot weather, you crave a cooler. So, to solve both the problems you might be leaning towards a mini-split for your RV. But without the right one, you might suffocate to death.


Well, some of the mini-splits trap unhealthy air inside the RV and that is what you breathe in. Other times, the mini-split can’t cool your RV because the power is just too low. To combat the problems you need the best mini split for RV.

But it is not an easy task. While ensuring the quality you also have to make sure that the whole thing is budget-friendly and works right. There are just too many things to consider. And your brain might blow out if you think too hard.

So, we have listed 5 of the best ones for you. You can go over them and choose the one that suits you and your RV. Besides, we even added some quick info points.

If at any point you feel lost you can always go to the info points and see what is what. And trust us, we have answered quite a few basic questions. They might help.

Anyway, let’s start with the main part of the guide-

Our 5 Best Mini Split For RV Review 2024

At A Glance

  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • SEER Rating: 19.00
  • Color: White
  • Air Flow Efficiency: 247 Cubic Feet/Minute/Watt
  • Item Dimensions: 8.5 x 7.5 x 11.5 inches
  • Item Weight: 17 Pounds

More About The Product

First and foremost, we have the Pioneer Air Conditioner Wall Mount. This is the companion of the mini-split. But it’s here for good reasons and we’ll explore them one by one-

The first and foremost thing that we would like to highlight is the fact that it is super lightweight. You see, it weighs only 17 pounds. This is the most lightweight mini-split that you will find on the list.

Because of this, your transportation cost will reduce as it will be easier to transport. Plus, in case of a disaster, which likely won’t happen, this will cause the least damage.

Besides, the whole thing has been tested. So, we can confidently state that it will be safe to use even on RVs.

Moreover, you get to control the mini-split and alter the temperature by a drastic level. You see, control the temperature from 31 to 122F. That is quite a range of control if you ask us.

Furthermore, the mini-split is noise-free. So, you will get some peace and quiet thanks to this mini-split. This will ensure your beauty sleep.

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At A Glance

  • SEER: 19
  • Color: White
  • Air Flow Efficiency: 247 Cubic Feet/Minute/Watt
  • Item Dimensions: 26 x 10.43 x 21.26 inches
  • Item Weight: 25 Pounds

More About The Product

In second place, we have the Senville LETO Series Mini Split. It did give a head-to-head fight with the first item but alas it lost and got second prize. But hey, it is still one of the best.

And this might be a perfect fit for you because it is compact in size. The dimension of this product is 26 x 10.43 x 21.26 inches. Hence, if you want to waste less space on your RV or if the trailer is small you can opt for this.

Furthermore, this mini-split can take on the function of 4 things. When needed it can turn into an air conditioning, heater, dehumidifier, or fan. Depending on what you need you can custom it to your will.

Moreover, the SEER rating is 19. So, you can count on the mini-split to be quite efficient in nature.

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At A Glance

  • SEER: Rating: 15
  • Control Method: App
  • Cooling Power: 9000 BTU

More About The Product

Thirdly, we have the Olmo Alpic Ductless Mini Split. Another product with improved features. Well, not one but it has quite a lot of feature that is worth checking out-

For instance, this is the most budget-friendly product on the list. So, if you want something that will not dig a deep too hole in your pocket then you can opt for this. It doesn’t compromise with the quality and gives you the best outcome.

Plus, they are ductless. So, you don’t need the help of ducts to connect the evaporator and condenser. Hence, the chances of having leaks are quite low.

Moreover, it is quite efficient in nature. It saves you at least 25-30% power because of the way it is designed.

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At A Glance

  • Extra Feature: WiFi Enabled
  • SEER rating: 22.5
  • Item Weight: 320 Pounds
  • Control Method: App
  • Voltage: 110 Volts
  • Cooling Power: 9000 BTU

More About The Product

In fourth place, we have the Cooper & Hunter 9,000 BTU Mini Split. This one too has a lot to put on the table. We can check them out too.

But the most outstanding aspect of this is that it has the highest SEEP level out of all the items. So, you can count on the mini-split to be efficient in nature.

Also, the voltage required by this mini-split is quite low. It only wants 110V and it will work to its full potential. So, the energy craving is less. This can save you a few bucks on the electric bill.

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At A Glance

  • SEER Rating: 19
  • Item Weight: 75 Pounds
  • Control Method: App, Remote
  • Voltage: 115 Volts
  • Floor Area: 350 Square Feet
  • Cooling Power: 9000 BTU

More About The Product

Last but not least, we have the Klimaire Ductless Mini-Split. As astonishing as the others this one does have a few tricks that can blow your mind. Care to go over them?

Well, this one allows you to defrost to 5F. So, if you are one of those people who love to turn your RV into a chilly mountain top you can do it with the help of this mini-split.

Plus, it has self-cleaning functions. So, you don’t have to crack your back while trying to clean out the mess the mini-splits tend to accommodate over time.

Moreover, the SEER level isn’t too bad. It is 19 so you can rely on the mini-split to be energy efficient. Hence, it won’t let the energy go to waste.

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How Does A Mini Split Work?

Before buying a mini-split or deciding which one to buy you need to first understand the concept of mini-split. Unlike the conventional central AC, the mini-splits give a more specialized service.

You see, only a particular room is focused while using the mini-split. Hence, it is great for RVs. You will be able to cover the whole trailer quite easily. Plus, the mini splits are designed to both reduce and increase the temperature of the room when needed.

So, you will have both an air conditioner and a heater. And you can switch between them to enjoy a very optimum temperature inside the rooms of your RV.

But how does it mainly work?

Well, there are two parts of a mini-split. One is the compressor which stays outside of the RV. And the other one is the indoor evaporator.

The compressor is responsible for pressurizing the air to make it cold so that it can serve you with some cold air. On the other hand, the evaporator ensures that the air gets hot enough so that you don’t frost to death.

What Features Are A Must-Have For Mini Splits?

There are many mini-splits in the market. Yes! Everyone advertises their mini-splits to be the best. While advertising them you will see that they glorify some of the very basic features.

That is a marketing campaign that sucks in the ignorants. But to ensure that you don’t fall prey to such marketing tactics we have hunted down a list of the few basic things that a mini-split needs. They will help you get an idea of the basics.


For instance, efficiency is something that is crucial for the mini-split. Yes, they will have two tasks in their hands but they still have to be efficient in nature. In other words, they need to have reduced energy loss while providing you with service.

You see, being efficient is also cost-effective for you too. This is because they won’t consume too much of the voltage. Thus, your daily electric bill won’t skyrocket from the mini-split.

Hence, the more efficient they are, the more cost-effective they will be. Thus, you need to choose the ones that are efficient in nature and don’t consume too much voltage to give the end results.

Noise-Free System

Another important aspect is the noise-free system. Most of the mini-splits out there are quiet in nature. Hence, don’t let the marketing fool you by making the noise-free feature their selling point.

Rather you should focus on the SEER ratings and temperature settings available on the mini-splits. They are far more important than the noise-free feature.

And don’t get us wrong. Operating in silence without disturbing the neighbors is a great thing to possess. But the feature is so common that it shouldn’t be considered a distinct feature. Nevertheless, it is a feature that you must look for.

Easy Installation

Another point is the ease of installment. You have to install the mini-splits all by yourself after you purchase them. Now, the fundamental parts are the same for all but some mini-splits are still easier to mount than the others.

Thus, you need something that is easy to install. Otherwise, you will have to call the professionals for help. And they will have to install them for you. But you do know that they won’t do it for free.

Hence, you will have an extra expense on your hand. Plus, an extra tip. Try to get the lightweight ones. They are easy to install because they don’t weigh much. Moreover, the transportation cost is also lower.

Product Of Healthy Air

Lastly, make sure that you focus on healthy air. You will be trapped in a room where the mini-splint will be the one responsible for providing the air that you will breathe

Thus, you want the air to be as pure as possible. Unhealthy air can damage your lungs and create breathing problems that can be quite dramatic. Hence, you need to ensure that the mini-split that you are buying is capable of circulating air.

This way, clean air will get the chance to come inside the RV. Hence, whenever you will take in oxygen to breathe you will get fresh air. And when the air becomes polluted the mini-split can throw them back to the outside world.

What Should Be The SEER Rating of A Mini Split For RV?

Focusing on the much bigger deal, you should know the SEER rating needs for a mini-split for an RV. But let’s backtrack a bit. What is SEER?

Well, SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. This is the indicator of the energy efficiency of the RV. Yes, it is a must-have feature for the mini-split to be efficient in nature but you need to know how efficient it must be.

Now, the SEER rating needs to be higher. This is because a higher ratio indicates that the mini-split is more efficient in nature. So, a mini-split having a SEER of 15 is better than a mini-split having a SEER rating of 10.

But what is the minimum rating needed for an RV?

Well, there is no definite margin for this. But we would suggest not to go below 15. Anything higher than that is quite efficient and will ensure a great service for an average-sized RV.

Minimum BTU Needed for Mini Split in RV

Another important term that you will come to deal with when going through the features of a mini-split is BTU. What is that?

You see, BTU stands for British Thermal Units. This is the total energy needed to heat up 1 pound of water by 1F. Now, the larger your RV is the higher the BTU level is required for the trailer.

So you see, the BTU level depends on the size of the room you are trying to control. Hence, you need to first know the size of the room that you are dealing with. For instance, if we talk about an RV their average space is 400 sq ft.

Hence, for that size, a mini-split with a BTU level of 9000 is good enough. Of course, you can go higher but they won’t be cost-effective. Now, remember this value is for the average RV.

If you have a trailer that is exceptionally big or small you need to make adjustments in that way. A bigger RV will require more BTU while the smaller ones will need less.

How To Install A Mini Split?

After you have done your calculation and found the right mini-split you will have to do the hard work of putting it on the walls of the RV. And that can be a frightening task if you don’t know the right process.

But hey, we won’t leave you back to feel hopeless. You see, we have compiled a few steps that you can follow to mount a mini-split on the RV walls.

Now, follow the instructions and the job will get easy. Here are the steps-

Step 1: Place The Mounting Bracket

First and foremost, you need to mount the mounting bracket. This will be where the evaporator will go. Now, this has to be inside the RV. But make sure you place it at a place where it won’t have direct contact with sunlight.

So, a shady place is perfect for the mini-split. The best place is to put it inside a cabinet that fits the mini-split. It is a great idea.

Step 2: Drill a Bore Hole into the Walls

The next step is to make a pathway for the line set to go through and connect with the condenser that you will place outside. So, for that, you need to start with a small hole. You can achieve this by creating a hole with a drill machine.

Now, when you drill a hole make sure you point it downwards. This is because you want to create an elevated pathway for the condensed air to travel to the inside of the RV quickly.

Later when you are done with the hole you have to create a borehole using a hole saw. It will create a beautiful thick hole for the line set to smoothly pass through.

Step 3: Pass The Line Set Into The Hole

Since you created a space for the line set might as well make the line set run through it. Now, be careful when you run the line set. You want to be as gentle as possible.

By the way, the proper way to pass the line set is to let it drop from the inside of the RV to the outside. Once that’s done you can move on to the next process.

Step 4: Install Both Evaporator and Condenser 

Now, comes the hard part. You will have to install both an evaporator and a condenser. These are heavy-duty work so you might need some assistance with them.

So, to install them, place the evaporator on the mounting board and secure it into place. With the condenser, you can set up wall brackets on the outside part of the RV to install them in that place.

Step 5: Cover the Line Set

Moving on, you will have to ensure that the line set doesn’t get broken due to external factors. So, you need to cut plastic or metal to the right size and cover the line set neatly.

The extra protection will ensure that you don’t have any leaks with your mini-split. Because trust us, fixing the leak can be quite costly.

Step 5: Check To See If They Work

The last step is to see whether the mini-split works or not. For this step, simply turn on the mini-split and see if there is a drop in temperature or not. Of course, make sure that the doors of the RV are shut when you do this.

If they work you are good to go. Job well done in that case. Otherwise, you will have to troubleshoot your own process again. Backtrack a bit and see where you went wrong.

FAQ For Best Mini Split For RV

Question: Are mini-split durable for traveling RV?

Answer: With the mini-split, you won’t have to worry about traveling. They are custom in such a way that they will be able to tolerate the speed at which a normal RV goes. Plus, they are quite durable in nature so they will be able to survive the journey.

Question: Can sunlight be bad for the mini-split?

Answer: The main problem with sunlight is that they don’t let the mini-split cool the RV that easily. So, you need to compensate by getting a mini-split of higher BTU levels. That is an extra wastage that you can avoid by placing the mini-split at a shady place.

Question: Can you control the temperature of each room with a mini-split?

Answer: Unlike the central air conditioner the mini-split gives more control over the temperature for each room. So, yes, if placed right you can control the temperature of each room quite easily.

To Sum Up

Well, the summary is that the best mini-split for RV is a varying term. What is best for you might not be best for others. So, you have to jot down what you want in your mini-split and then look for the product that matches your needs.

Besides, with the info that you have now, you will be able to make a swift decision. So, we leave that to your capable hand. Goodbye for now. Adios!

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