How To Keep RV Door Open

How To Keep Rv Door Open ? Most Common Issue to Face

If the door isn’t letting you get the desire after getting an RV, don’t fret.A faulty door is serious business, whether it has to be banged or will not close no matter what.

So, you might be thinking how to keep rv door open?

The trailer being level, problem on the door latch and a faulty strike plate install are the most common reasons for a RV door not closing. Checking these mechanisms and repairing them individually can help you to solve the problem. 

Let’s dive into some serious business

How To Keep An RV Door Open?- 3 Situations and Solutions

When you include the effects of miles of travel, bumps, mud, gravel, and potholes, you have a component that can quickly decay. If there’s any problem with the mechanism, it’ll be difficult to keep your RV door open. 

Problem 1 of 3 : Uneven Trailer Level

Connecting a trailer to an RV is pretty simple work. Well, until there are several safety concerns to be aware of before heading out. 

If you want to be in a safe zone, levelling your trailer is necessary. Travelling with an unlevel trailer might put you and other cars on the road in a perilous scenario. Moreover, the wear and tear it produces can result in costly repairs. 

To level your RV trailer get yourself the best shocks available. It’ll increase stability, braking performance, and ground clearance. Poor towing characteristics such as uneven tire wear can be avoided with a level trailer. 


As you don’t want to call danger by yourself,these steps here will save you .

  • After you’ve positioned your RV where you want it, you’ll need to level it from side to side. Move your level from side to side on a flat spot on the RV. This will indicate which side of the unit needs to be elevated to make it level.
  • Set wooden blocks or timber on the end of your tires that have to be elevated. Now, move the RV forward slightly to mark your tire location.
  • Now, set the blocks or lumber where your tires used to be. To get the desired height, build a ramp. But make it more off-center than the bubble in your level was.
  • Check to see if the RV is now level after backing up onto the blocks/lumber. Repeat the preceding steps by adding or subtracting height, if required. 
  • Place a wheel chock at the front of the tire before unhitching to protect the RV from sliding ahead.
  • Remove your tow vehicle’s hitch.

Problem 2 of 3 : RV Door Latch Problem

The latch installed inside may cause the door frame to grow lose.Because of it your RV door latch may not function properly. It can also cause the door to rattle even when closed. 

You should be aware that this problem could cause your RV’s door to open while you’re driving down the road.

A loose door latch may appear to be a small issue that you can put off till you have extra free time.But it is in your best benefit to solve this problem quickly. It’s simple and won’t take long. 


A door latch problem may seem like a small issue but it’s not something you can avoid. So here is what you can do to save yourself  from future hassle. 

  • Inspect the screws and bolts used to secure the latch to the door frame. With time and travel on uneven roads, they might become loose.
  • Check the location and tightness of the strike plate fixed in the door frame with the door lock catch. 
  • If somehow the door has been out of alignment, the door hinge may need to be adjusted. It will make sure the strike plate and the catch in the door’s lock are properly aligned.
  • To get to the bent actuator, disassemble the interior of the door lock/handle. Bend the actuator back up to its original position with a pair of pliers. Your difficulty should be out of question if you reassemble the lock assembly.
  • Be careful of how much current flow is going through the actuator. If it’s too much, it’s possible that your batteries get hot

Problem 3 of 3 : Improper Install Of Strike Plate 

Strike plates become even more important when using deadbolts to protect your RV. This feature protects the door frame from being opened forcefully from the outside. 

To offer true protection, strike plates must be installed by a skilled professional or locksmith. Installing the strike plate incorrectly can result in the use of the wrong length screws. The elimination of superfluous parts might also cause it. It makes the strike plate vulnerable to forced entrance.


Not doing anything with an improper strike plate is probably not a wise decision.Follow these steps to avoid problems. 

  • Make sure your new strike plates are secured in a new secure position of the frame. Reusing a pre-cut section where the previous strike plate isn’t a wise decision. As if that doesn’t fit the new size, snuggly can produce a weak spot. 
  • These are the best trailer locks that you can use without any hesitation. You should also consider getting the best RV drawer latch to stop things from flying off while driving. 
  • To tighten the door, move the strike plate closer to the door jamb’s centre. Move the strike farther from the center if it does not seat when the door is closed. For slight adjustments, you might be able to loosen the plate and tap it in the desired direction.

That’s all we have on the issue you’re currently facing. 


Question : What is the best way to unlock a stuck trailer door?

Answer: Simply push on the left side of the door near the handle while attempting to open it. Parts of the lock mechanism in older campers might become jammed as a result of use and ageing. 

Question : How do you put friction on a door hinge?

Answer : Apply a heavy-duty lubricant to the hinge. Make a rough line on the contact area for the hinge. Adjust the hinge and install the hinge at an angle. 

Question: Why is my door stuck shut?

Answer: The strike plate is a significant reason for a jammed door because it can loosen over time and prevent the door from closing smoothly. You must correct it as quickly as possible.


Hopefully you’ve got the  answers regarding how to keep rv door open. Your RV door is a crucial part which requires regular maintenance and inspection for damage. It’s one sided to everyone to ride your RV without proper safety. 

If your doubts are still not clear,you should call for a specialist from this field. 

Till next time, stay safe! 

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