Can You Put A Car In A Toy Hauler

Can You Put A Car In A Toy Hauler ? [ Expert Opinion]

Can you put a car in a toy hauler? Or the question should be like, which size vehicles can be placed on a toy hauler?

Toy haulers are supposed to tow your cars to the exact destination you are planning to have your next trip to. But which cars would fit your toy hauler is the biggest issue that many people forget to care about. 

Whereas a 5th wheel toy hauler can carry light weight capacity cars, they can also afford larger vehicles. The garage space inside a toy hauler is convenient enough to fit a BMW or Fiat 500. So, you don’t have to worry about renting another car in the new city you are about to land in.

Be mindful to note your toy hauler’s storage space and specifications before storing any car inside. You should also measure the size of the vehicle you would like stored in. If you fail to acknowledge these capabilities, you might end up damaging both the car and the tow vehicle.

Can You Put A Car In A Toy Hauler

The garage capacity of your toy hauler might vary depending on the type. Regardless, you can put a car in a toy hauler for hauling purposes. We have elaborated on the car categories that a hauler vehicle can carry in this segment. So, without further ado, let’s dive in, 

Smart Cars

The Smart Fortwo is a tiny electric car currently available on the American market. It’s small, efficient, and fun to drive — and it’s been fully electric since 2018!

The recent models are only 107.87 inches long, and the weight rating is just under 2,300 pounds. They can fit into even the smallest parking spaces or into more oversized garages where other cars simply won’t fit.

Smart cars are excellent for hauling by a toy car. They can easily fit any toy hauler garage space and offers your a happy hauling ride all along the journey.

But the main downside is that these smart electric cars are no longer available in the USA. You will have to talk to some authoritative dealerships if you personally want to buy any smart cars.

Jeep Cars

Jeep cars are also a good fit for toy haulers, but only if the size matches your hauler capacity. Jeep comes in several sizes and weight ranges. So, it is crucial to choose the correct measurement either of the jeep car or the hauler.

For instance, if you buy a Wrangler, which is considered one of the most iconic vehicles of all time, it can be too heavy to fit a fifth-wheel toy hauler.

This jeep car has a curb weight of around 3,948 Ibs. So, it is a clear indication that even if your hauler has enough space to fit a Wrangler jeep inside, the ramp of the hauler does not hold that much weight capacity. 

Even if you own the most lightweight SUV Jeep, the Renegade, it can damage your toy hauler’s ramp with its heavyweight range. So, make sure you put jeep cars that meet the weight capacity of your toy hauler. 

The Width of a Toy Hauler’s Opening

The first thing you would want to consider in a toy hauler is its garage size. For instance, if you purchase a toy hauler that doesn’t have enough space in there to fit your luxury BMW, that would make a complete disaster. So, why not get an overview of haulers’ garage space size?

In general, an average interior width of a toy hauler features nothing more than 8′ and garages expending more till 18′.

However, most of these have 10-14 feet in length. So, ensure getting the correct size toy hauler for your cargo. You have plenty of options to choose from for any kind of appropriate cargo measurement.

The Maximum Weight Limit For Toy Hauler

Learning about your toy hauler’s cargo carrying capacity is a crucial task. Every toy hauler has a maximum weight range, between 3000 to 5000 lbs. If you fail to load the hauler within this weight limit, it will end up damaging your hauler badly. 

Many companies don’t share the actual weight capacity of their hauler. In that case, you can calculate the sum by subtracting the unloaded vehicle weight (UVW) rate from the gross vehicle weight rating (GRWR). 

These measurements do not only include your car’s weight; instead have additional weight ratings of water, gas, supplies, and other loaded objects.

So, make sure to calculate the weight of your essentials that you will pack in your hauler so that it doesn’t exceed the limit.

Frequently Asked Questions

This segment has elaborated on the most asked queries regarding toy haulers. We hope this will help to clear some confusion. 

Will a Polaris slingshot fit in a toy hauler?

Your toy hauler can fit in any object as long as its length measurements meet its garage space length. For instance, most toy haulers’ space is as long as 14 feet long, so you can adjust your Polaris Slingshot if it meets the length measurement.  

Can a car fit in a Class A toy hauler?

Of course, you can. Cars like the Toyota IQ (the smallest four-seater ones) will also fit into the toy transporter category.

What kind of truck can pull a toy hauler?

The Ram 3500 pulls heavy loads like a champ. If you have a large toy hauler or camper, the truck is a great choice for towing. The 6.7L turbo-diesel engine delivers lots of torque, and even the heavy-duty 4×4 versions can tow up to 16,500 pounds which is impressive!

Closing Thoughts

Most cars don’t fit in toy hauler garages, but there are ways to enjoy both. Consider a Class A Toy hauler, which can tow your car behind it. Then you may put anything you want in the garage to take with you on your vacations.

On the market, there are numerous toy hauler alternatives. Each one has its own set of features and amenities that can add to the overall comfort and convenience.

This helps you enjoy nature while driving with friends and family to make your trip relaxing and fun.

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