Can A Toy Hauler Carry A Car

Can A Rv Toy Hauler Carry A Car ? Burning Question Answered

You have brought the best option to carry living commodities. Now if you’re wondering about carrying a car in it as well, it’s completely normal. 

So, can a toy hauler carry a car?

In short, yes. A toy hauler is a small auxiliary vehicle that you can tow or run with your truck. There are some constraints in terms of weight limits and size limits.

But you can carry certain types of small cars in it. It depends on what size your toy hauler is alongside the quality of the build. 

Loving the preview? Let’s jump right into the details then, 

Can You Fit A Car Inside A Toy Hauler?

You wouldn’t normally buy a Toy Hauler to store a full-size car in the garage. Bringing a full-size automobile would negate the point of the extra storage space set out for cars.

In a 14 ft garage and with 2 adult size wheels a toy hauler can easily fit compact cars. Such as Fiat 500, or a Mitsubishi Mirage.

It’s critical to understand that it’s not only about your car’s physical condition. It’s also about if your toy hauler can take the vehicle’s loaded weight. 

If you have a ramp that can carry a car. And if the leveling jacks get a leak, then your car might get damaged on the go.

Another factor to consider is the accessibility of the driver. If the doors won’t open far enough, you’ll have to crawl via the sunroof or the trunk.

Maximum Weight A Toy Hauler Can Carry

The graded capacity of a toy hauler depends on size, weight, and the vehicle used to tow it.But you must first know what size toy hauler you need.

The tiniest, lightest toy haulers may not require a full-size truck  but a large vehicle can be filled with your heavy-duty toys.

Nevertheless, depending on the brand and kind, the real capacity varies.Toy transporters typically have a maximum capacity of roughly 2,500 pounds which is slightly more than a ton. 

Most ATVs weigh less than 1,000 pounds even when fully loaded. Many weigh as little as 400-500 pounds.

RV Toy Hauler Costs

Again, as with any other RV category, the cost of a toy hauler is determined by its quality. For example, if you want to buy a toy hauler from one of the top-rated luxury brands, you can expect to pay thousands. Even if not hundreds of, at least thousands of dollars. 

Even a less expensive brand will be more expensive if you go for a heavy-duty fifth-wheel toy hauler. But with a gooseneck tow hitch, it will be more expensive than a smaller version.

Remember to factor in the expense of the tow vehicle. But it isn’t cheap when you’re talking about the massive dually and one-ton trucks. It requires a lot of weight. Toy haulers aren’t cheap, but they’re worth it if you have a lot of toys.

Toy Haulers For RV Campers

A toy hauler is a travel trailer with wide-open cargo space to utilise. These are usually towed around by an RV. It allows you to easily transport four-wheelers and other small auxiliary vehicles. 

You can use this garage area as an outdoor living space after setting up at camp. The used ramp changes your vehicle into a patio with the addition of some stairs and a shaded mosquito net. 

Also, you can patch some wood paneling to make it a fancier place.Now, you can relax back with a beer after a hard day.

Toy haulers, like other travel trailers and RVs in general, exist in a variety of kinds. Floor plans and sizes are available from a range of manufacturers in terms of price and quality. 

Renting A Toy Hauler

If you’re lucky, you might be able to rent a toy hauler. While it would have been practically difficult to find a toy hauler for rent just five years ago, with the emergence of peer-to-peer RV rental platforms, it is now a possibility.

You will be able to discover a toy hauler rental if you look hard enough.The reason for toy hauler rentals is not so available cause most owners do not want the wear-and-tear. 

Renting a quarter-million-dollar investment seems a little difficult for them. The risk of accidents is simply too much to rent to just anyone.

Many of these peer-to-peer platforms offer a delivery service. You can have the RV driven to your house and dropped off for a price. And while using a rented one, buy the best trailer locks for your hauler’s security as well.


Question: Do they make motorhome toy haulers?

Answer: Yes. Toy haulers broaden the definition of a motorhome. There are two categories of motorhomes (Class A and Class C) with garages available, each with its own set of floor layouts, interiors, and sleeping areas.

Question: Can you tow a jeep behind a fifth wheel?

Answer: You can yet not recommend it. The tow hitch will need to be fastened to allow your car to be towed behind. The weight of the hitch and ball has to be greater than the fifth wheel.

Question: What is triple towing?

Answer: When towing a fifth wheel, you’re doing triple hauling. Also, you’ll be dragging a mobile home behind your tow car, and then another vehicle after that. Some folks use their RV to tow a compact trailer or watercraft.


We understand your concern about can a toy hauler carry a car? It’s a totally doable thing yet to consider many things before working on the plan. 

We hope we’ve answered all the questions that are burning inside of you. 

Until next time!

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