Jensen TV Remote Not Working (Some Quick and Easy Solutions)

Jensen, a manufacturer of small-screen televisions, is an electronics company. These specially-made televisions can be used in motorhomes and recreational vehicles. Despite the fantastic services they provide, there are a few problems. According to a few Jensen users, the television remote reportedly doesn’t work.

You must read the instruction manual before using your new Jensen TV remote. Using a Jensen TV remote can occasionally be problematic. Battery issues or a faulty remote could render it unable to function.

We’ll explore potential reasons why the Jensen TV remote isn’t working and offer suggestions for fixing the issue. Read on for all the details you need to know about this interesting issue!

How Can I Connect My Jensen TV to My Jensen Remote?

Programmer’s instructions

  • The device you want to use the remote to operate must first be manually turned on.
  • Press and hold the ON-OFF key while keeping the component key depressed.
  • The LED ON-OFF key turns back on when you press both keys down for three seconds.
  • Release the keys, both.

How to Fix a Non-working Jensen TV Remote


If your television remote is broken, you could find it quite aggravating. The inability to input commands prevents a user from controlling their gadget. If the remote isn’t working, the battery is probably low.

These batteries eventually need to be changed if you want you’re remote to continue functioning. Therefore, switching to new batteries should help you solve your problem.

Nevertheless, you might have just installed them. A problem can arise if the batteries aren’t tightly installed. Taking the batteries out and re-putting them in can help if you’re still unsure.

A smart suggestion is to always keep a backup set of rechargeable batteries on hand and switch them out as needed. You won’t need to continue changing the batteries in your TV if you use a battery like that.

Potentially Broken Remote

Jensen gives its clients two different remote controls to use with their TVs. Large and small are the two sizes that are offered. Although both of these remote controls let you operate the gadget, the larger one has more functionality. The remotes that came with your device may not work on either of them, but this is unusual.

Some people reportedly experience this problem, according to reports. You can make up for this by getting a new remote compatible with your Jensen TV or a universal remote connection to your TV.

If you are having trouble setting up the universal remote, you can refer to the Jensen handbook.

Verify the Mode You Are Running In

Those who use Jensen TV may be unaware of the opportunity to choose alternative settings. The firm’s televisions have access to both DVD and TV modes. This should be kept in mind when choosing a remote source.

If your controller and television are two different models, it won’t work. By pushing the DVD/TV button, you can use your remote to switch between the two modes. If everything is done correctly, your remote should operate with your TV.

The Jensen TV Universal Remote

You can obtain a Jensen TV universal remote if none of the solutions mentioned above work or if you can’t find or afford an original Jensen TV remote. Nearly all Jensen TVs are compatible with this universal remote.

This Jensen Universal TV remote control offers one-point control for all the devices in your home, easy application, and reduced fuss. With just one remote, you can control all of your devices with the Jensen TV Remote Control.

Most remote controls operate with all gadgets, and occasionally they can even identify the brand and model of your equipment. It’s not too difficult to use this remote and set it up.

Codes for Jensen TV Remotes

Jensen TV remote control codes are available in five-digit, four-digit, and three-digit formats.

Jensen Remote Control Codes With Three Digits

  • 004
  • 009

Four-Digit Jensen Remote Control Codes

  • 0004
  • 0009
  • 0133

Universal Jensen Codes for Five Digits

  • 11326
  • 13204
  • 10761
  • 11299
  • 10050
  • 10817
  • 11933
  • 10815
  • 12541
  • 10005
  • 12210
  • 12726
  • 12284

How to Program the Universal Remote for Jensen TV

You must enter different universal remote control codes into the Jensen TV remote to operate. The codes must be adjusted and set appropriately depending on what you wish to see. Program instructions for the Jensen TV remote are as follows:


Using Auto-Search to Program Your Jensen TV Remote

Every code is scanned while using the automatic search method. To find the right code, each code is scanned individually.

  • Turn on the smart device you want to use a remote to control.
  • Start the remote and choose the device button. When the remote is prepared for programming, an LED light will appear.
  • Click on the CH+ and CH- buttons while pointing the remote at the device. On and off indications are shown on the remote. To turn the gadget off, tap the up or down key now.
  • To verify the code, press the power button after the procedure is complete. Once the device is turned on, you can change the channel to ensure sure the remote has been programmed properly.
  • Tap the button to save the code for later use. The LED will blink twice to indicate that the code has been accepted when you do this.


How Can I Restart My Jensen Remote Control?

Press and hold the ON/OFF key while keeping the component key depressed. The ON/OFF key’s illumination turns off. The illuminated ON/OFF key goes back on three seconds after you’ve held down both keys. Let go of both keys.

Why Won’t My Remote Control Work With My TV?

Check that no remote button is stuck or jammed. Perhaps the battery terminals for the remote control are filthy. You need to remove the batteries from the remote control and wipe the terminals with a soft cloth, or cotton bud dipped in a tiny amount of alcohol. Then, reinstall the batteries.

Where Is Jensen’s Reset Button Located?

Jensen says rebooting the stereo ought to solve your issue. The CD/DVD eject button has a little hole immediately to its right. There is a tiny reset button there that you can activate by pushing a straightened-out paper clip into the hole. By pressing the button, the stereo will restart.

How Do You Set Up a Jensen Remote Control?

Release the “Setup” key after holding it down while the red LED blinks twice. Enter the device’s first four-digit code number. Every digit entered will cause the LED to blink once, except for the final digit, which will cause it to blink twice to signal that a working code has been programmed.

How Can a Remote Control Be Revived?

To get the keys working once again, open the remote, clean it inside and out, and then coat it with fresh conductive paint. Use foil instead of paint if you want a quicker solution. If the electric connections in the battery chamber appear to be corroded, give them a good cleaning.

Bottom Line

There is a solution to every issue. Jensen TV gives viewers everything they need for a great experience. You might, however, discover that the remote control for your Jensen television is malfunctioning. Everything necessary to address this issue and offer solutions has been addressed in this essay.

Buying a Jensen TV may seem smart if you enjoy watching movies at home. You can experience a problem with the Jensen TV remote not functioning. But we have spoken about how to resolve this problem. Therefore, we thank you for reading and wish you luck.

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