Arctic Wolf 287BH Problems With Solutions

Are you having trouble with your Arctic wolf 287bh problems? We all do. These problems are common. This post will give you my top 5 most common problems with solutions.

Arctic Wolf is one of the top brands in pop-up campers, and Arctic Wolf camper owners are very loyal to their brand.  But eventually, just like with any other modern product, there will be problems with your RV or camper.

The good news is that most of these problems are easily fixed—if you know what they are!

Arctic wolf 287bh problems and the Solutions

Warped Window Frame Problem

If your window frame is warped, you’ll notice that the window doesn’t stay in its original position. This problem occurs because the low-quality plastic used on the window of the 2018 Cherokee Arctic Wolf is susceptible to temperature changes and sun rays.

The sun’s rays will slowly warp the window frame over time, causing it to bend and produce gaps between its layers. These tiny holes let dust, wind, and rain into your RV, damaging it and making it hard to see through your windows while driving or camping in bad weather.

Solution of Warped Window Frame

If your Arctic Wolf window frame is warping, you can replace it with a new one. To do this, follow the steps below:

  • Unscrew the window screws to remove it.
  • Remove the RV side frame by removing any screws holding it in place and sliding it out of its slot on both sides of your RV.
  • Simply slide the new frame into place and secure it with the new screws included in the kit.

Hanging Underbelly Problem

This is a fairly common problem with Arctic Wolf RVs. The underbelly of these RVs sometimes gets loose and, as a result, hangs down from underneath the RV.

This can be very dangerous because it will touch the road and create sparks on some surfaces (rivers). Some advocate fastening it using duct tape, but this only works temporarily.

Many customers have reported this issue after buying their Arctic Wolf RV from dealers, which has been going on for years now!

Solution of Hanging Underbelly

To fix the hanging underbelly, you can use self-tapping screws to attach it to the frame. This process is tedious and time-consuming, but it’s much safer than rivets or other fasteners that might create weak spots in your RV.

If you’re uncomfortable doing this yourself, consider having your dealer or manufacturer repair it under warranty.

Leaking Due to Cheap Quality Problem

Another common problem with this RV is leaking. It’s most likely that the leak is due to failing materials, like the cheap cabinetry and window frames.

In addition, some Arctic Wolf RVs have more severe leaks in the roof or sidewalls. The reason behind those leaks is usually because they use cheap materials that are not meant for long-term use in harsh conditions, such as those found in Alaska and Canada during winter months.

If your Arctic Wolf 287BH has any signs of leaking around seams or along sections where walls meet the ceiling, contact an Arctic Wolf service center immediately!

Solution of Leaking

The only way to permanently fix a leak is to rebuild the inside and exterior of your RV. Avoid buying used Arctic Wolfs because this is expensive, but if you get a used one, ensure it has been insulated around leaks.

If there are gaps in the roof or walls, you can insulate them yourself with high-quality sealants specially designed for RVs. To avoid the growth of mold and to keep out the cold air during the winter months, insulation is crucial in an RV.

Front Door Does Not Lock Problem

This is the most common problem with any Cherokee Arctic Wolf, and it can be a significant issue if you are trying to sleep in your campervan. The door will not close completely, or sometimes even at all, so you must sleep with the door open to avoid getting locked out.

The problem has been found in electric-powered doors and manual ones, so it’s unclear whether it is an issue with one style over another or whether it could be fixed by installing new parts on top of existing ones.

Solution of Front Door Lock

If you have a front door lock that’s not working, then your first step should be to upgrade it. You can do this with an Arctic Wolf 287BH replacement kit, which includes two side strike panels for the vehicle and two door locks.

To replace the lock on your Arctic Wolf 287BH, dismantle the old one by removing all screws with a screwdriver. Unscrew both of the door strike panels next. Then remove both door locks before cutting out part of your vehicle’s front panel to install your new ones.

Make sure not to overcut! Make sure everything is in place and working properly before calling it a day; some adjustments may be needed after installation (and onward).

Floor Separating from the Wall Problem

If your Cherokee Arctic Wolf has hesitating and floor-dismounting problems, it may be because of a few things. If a screw is missing, this can cause the floor to loosen from its sides, risking damage to both parts of the slide.

The screws that hold them in place are small and hard to see; if you are having issues with them falling out or being stripped, try tightening them with pliers before attempting repairs yourself.

Solution of Separate floor from wall

Lastly, if you have a cracked floor or a separate floor from the wall problem, the solution is to replace the slides that are broken. If your slide is loose because it has broken screws, you can use glue to hold the floor in place until you get new screws.

However, replacing all of your floors may be necessary for stability when this happens on an older RV with many years of wear and tear and neglectful maintenance practices.


Is Arctic wolf any good?

Arctic Wolf is one of the best brands available for solar-powered outdoor lighting. It is a great choice because it provides excellent coverage and brightness and comes with a 20-year warranty on its parts. Its quality is evident from the first time you look at it.

Who makes Arctic Wolf?

Forest River RV makes arctic wolf.


These Arctic Wolf 287BH problems are not just expected. They are also some of the most frustrating issues that can happen to you. Fortunately, we have solutions for each one of them.

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