What size jack do I need for my RV? The Beginner’s Guide

Many people struggle with finding the right jack size. So, what size jack do I need for my RV? Well, RV weight varies by model. And the size of the jack depends on the RV’s weight. You need to choose the best jack for your RV, whether you’re an expert or just starting out.

RV jacks are used to raise and lower the vehicle’s height, and the correct size jack is essential for safe driving and avoiding damage to the vehicle. The most popular jack sizes and the accompanying RV jacks are shown below.

What size jack do I need for my RV? ( in-depth explanation)

Nevertheless, the weight of RVs can vary by model. 1 ton (2,000 pounds). If you plan on lifting an RV’s total weight, around 10,000 pounds, you should use a bottle jack with a minimum lifting capacity of at least 6 tons. A bottle jack with a maximum lifting capacity of 10 to 12 tons is a reasonable safety precaution.

How to choose jack size?

Consider the following points to help you choose the right size to jack for a camper for your RV:

  • Trailer Size and Weight: The weight and dimensions of your RV will determine the trailer’s overall strength and, therefore, the jack needed size.
  • RV Style: If your RV has a cab-over or “cab-back” design, look for a jack that is compatible with your vehicle’s style. Some jack manufacturers offer specific models that are only compatible with certain RVs.
  • Jack Type: If you’re using a tow vehicle to pull your RV, choose a jack that fits your vehicle.
  • Safety: Select a jack that satisfies or exceeds the most recent safety regulations. The best jacks include a protective guard on the front of the jack.
  • Quality: Consider the materials used in the jack and its components and how well they’re made. A quality jack should be made of robust and durable metal and plastic parts and will have protective rubber seals and covers on the joints.

You may need to purchase more than one jack to meet all your needs, but the investment is well worth it.

Best Jacks for Different Types of RVs

There are many different types of jacks to choose from, including:

  • Manual
  • Hydraulic
  • Electric
  • Hydraulic and electric
  • Lift-jack
  • Pull-jack
  • Push-jack
  • Tow-jack
  • Lift-jack and tow-jack

Manual and hydraulic jacks are the most common types found on RVs because they are simple to use and inexpensive. A manual jack uses a handle, lever, or crank to raise and lower the jack, while a hydraulic jack for camper uses a fluid or gas to raise and lower the jack.

Electric jacks use motors to raise and lower the jack and provide a boost to get your RV off the ground. Electric jacks can provide a lot of power, but they are expensive and must be plugged into a power source.

Lift-jack jacks work like a hydraulic jack, except that they lift your RV, not just your jack. They assist in towing cars with higher loads than your RV and can be handled manually or mechanically.

Pull-jack jacks raise the jack and pull the trailer behind it. They help tow vehicles with light loads that can be pulled with a smaller tow vehicle.

Tow-jacks raise and lower the jack, allowing you to maneuver around obstacles, such as ramps and steps, and provide a boost for getting off the ground. They are most often used with large, heavy-duty vehicles.

Push jacks are also known as hand jacks, and they are used for lifting and lowering a trailer in a parking space. They can be manually or automatically operated, and they assist in towing cars that are carrying higher loads than your RV.


What type of jack do I require to lift my RV?

Leveling Scissor Jacks. Most modern RVs will come equipped with this type of jack as standard equipment. Because of their high load capacities and fixed placement, the cost of leveling scissor jacks is higher than other jacks. Jun

Do I need a 2-ton or 3-ton jack?

A 2-ton jack is ideal for smaller vehicles, like cars or pickup trucks, while a 3-ton jack is more suitable for heavier vehicles. Make sure the jack you buy is suitable for your car and has passed testing and certification.

What size trailer jack do I need?

A 10-ton trailer jack is adequate for most applications. However, a 20-ton trailer jack is recommended for heavy-duty use. A 15-ton jack is excellent for light to medium-duty use.


Making the proper size jack selection for your RV is crucial. The amount of work your RV does and the activities you use it for will determine the size jack you should buy. Check out the information above to find out more about the various jack sizes and how to pick the best one for your RV.

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