How To Measure Rv Compartment Lock ? [The easy tricks]

Do you know how to measure rv compartment lock? So, Have you ever had trouble getting into your RV’s cargo compartments? You’re not alone if you’ve been stuck trying to get into your RV’s compartments for hours.

You’ve seen the infomercials for those expensive gadgets that promise to unlock your RV’s compartments in seconds. But they’re usually full of lies. But what if there was a way to open your RV’s keystone rv door locks?

This is where we come in. We’ll show you the easiest way to unlock RV cargo locks and how to get into the back compartments.

So let’s get started!

What is an RV Compartment Lock?

Some people might not know what an RV compartment lock is, so let’s look at it and how it works. An RV compartment lock is a safety feature that helps keep your belongings safe while traveling. It’s a security system that uses a code to open the door. You need to remember the code to open the door. If you have lost your code, contact the manufacturer or a realtor to have a new one generated.

While they are unnecessary in every RV, many RVs come with RV compartment locks built into the door. They are easy to operate and are typically found on the outside of the door.

The ideal RV compartment lock will be strong, secure, easy to operate, and should be located near the door handle. Look for a model made of metal with sturdy locking mechanisms.

Why is It Important to Measure the RV Compartment Lock?

The importance of the RV compartment lock cannot be understated. It is a must-have for RVers and anyone with valuable possessions on board their vehicle.

The most common cause of a damaged or stolen item is that a thief got into your vehicle, removed the items from the car, and either took the things themselves or sold them. If the items are locked in your vehicle, the thief must break into the vehicle to remove the items.

How many sizes are available for the RV compartment lock?

If you’re looking for a way to secure your RV’s compartmental locks, you’ll want to know about the available types of locks. Three main types of locks can be used in an RV: manual, keypad, and card. The best lock for your needs is one that you select after carefully considering the benefits and drawbacks of each type.

How to measure the lock and choose the right size for your recreational vehicle:

1. Get the measurements of the door jamb you’ll be installing the lock on. Find out what size lock you’ll need with this guide.

2. Calculate how many padlocks you’ll need to secure the door (you’ll need at least two). Make sure they’re at least 3 feet long to fit through the doorjamb.

3. Before you make a purchase, check online price comparison sites. You may find a better deal by shopping around than by going with the first store that offers a sale price on a particular lock type.

How to measure rv compartment lock?

If you’re looking to measure the lock on your RV’s door, you can use a few easy tricks.

  • You should start by taking a measurement from the lock to the doorjamb with a ruler.
  • Second, use a key to jiggle the door handle.
  • Third, measure the distance from the edge of the lock to the doorjamb by using a simple door stop to prop the door open.
  • Finally, use a phone or camera to take pictures of both the lock and the doorjamb. Use these measurements to create a diagram of your RV’s compartment locks and order replacement locks from your RV dealer.

Reasons why RV compartment lock might be difficult to measure

Measuring the lock on a recreational vehicle’s compartment can be tricky. There is no standard method for measuring RV Compartment Lock. So to accurately measure RV Compartment Lock, the device has to be tested on the actual vehicle under the same conditions as it will be used on the car. Some RV locks are more accessible to measure than others.

If the RV has a hydraulic or electric locking system, the device can only measure when the key is inserted into the lock. On the other hand, if the safety uses a pin tumbler system, the device can measure the RV Compartment Lock regardless of whether the key is present.

But there could be some common reason for it.

Reason 1: The compartment might be too small. If the compartment is too small, it won’t be easy to measure the length and width of the lock. This is because the lock will not fit inside the space completely. Instead, it will protrude outside of the area. This makes it difficult to measure the dimensions of the lock.

Reason 2: The compartment might be hidden behind something. If the compartment is hidden behind something, it won’t be easy to measure the dimensions of the lock. This is due to the fact that you will be unable to observe the lock from your current vantage point. Instead, you will have to climb onto the RV and look at it from underneath. This is not always easy and often takes a lot of effort.

Reason 3: The compartment might be damaged or destroyed. If the compartment is damaged or destroyed, it won’t be easy to measure the dimensions of the lock. This is because holes or other damage might prevent you from measuring accurately.


How to measure rv compartment lock? RV compartment locks are used to secure things inside an RV. Most manufacturers make them in different sizes and styles. Some are easier to measure than others, but the key to measuring one successfully is to ensure that it is flat and level. When measuring an RV compartment lock, use a ruler with measurements in both inches and millimeters. Use a measuring tape if needed, but it’s better to measure using a ruler because the measurements can be more accurate. Also, measure the door frame as well, so you can calculate the size of the lock.

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