How To Remove Rv Ac Ceiling Vents? – Easy Steps To Follow

If you have an rv, you know that it can be challenging to maintain the heating and cooling system. The vents themselves are easy enough to clean, but they are attached to a steel rod that goes through the ceiling and into the roof of your rv. This rod creates a weak point in the roof, making it more likely to leak air than other parts of your RV’s structure.

If this happens, you may need to replace your rv ceiling vent cover so that water does not seep into your living space. But do you actually know how to remove rv ac ceiling vents? Well, you can remove the RV AC ceiling vents with ease.

This guide will walk you through every step of removing the ceiling vent for an RV air conditioner.

What will you need to remove RV Ac Ceiling Vents?

It’s rather simple to remove the ceiling vent on an RV air conditioner. What you’ll need is as follows:

  • Screwdriver
  • A drill and some screws (or you can use thumbtacks, which work well for this purpose)
  • Hammer and some nails
  • A hacksaw or metal snips for cutting the steel mesh in your RV’s metal vents
  • Wrench

How to Remove RV Ac Ceiling Vents?

The first step to removing the ac ceiling vent is to remove the cover. The cover is usually easy to remove, and you can pull it off with your hands.

Next, you need to remove any screws that are holding the vent in place. There will be four or six of them—you need enough space around the edges of your wall so that they don’t fall out when you take out the old one.

Finally, pull out your old ventilation system and install your new one! You may have trouble fitting it in at first because of how close together everything is on a camper trailer or motorhome,  but if you get creative with some duct tape.

Things to consider before removing RV Ac Ceiling Vents

Safety first

Removing an AC ceiling vent is a job best left to the professionals, as they will have the right tools and know-how. Just be aware of some safety concerns when removing and replacing your RV’s ceiling vents.

Consider the pros and cons of removing AC Vents

On one hand, you’ll have a much cleaner look inside your RV if you remove those unsightly holes in the ceiling. On the other hand, keeping them from getting clogged up over time can be challenging, which may lead to mold or mildew growth on any furniture underneath them.

Make sure you have all your tools ready

You’ll need a screwdriver with flathead blades that fit into each slot before taking out any screws or bolts holding everything together,” says Owens-Corning spokesperson Robert Lipschultz.”

How do I know when my ceiling vent needs to be removed?

RV Ac Ceiling Vents are small, circular vents located in your Rv’s roof. They are designed to release moisture that condenses inside the Rv. This moisture can saturate your insulation without these vents and cause mold growth.

  • If you have an Rv with the following features, you should consider having these vents removed:
  • Has insulation that is soft or thick
  • Has vinyl or other materials that are susceptible to mold

Your Rv’s vents should be cleaned regularly to prevent mold growth. You can clean them yourself using a combination of soap and water.

How to Prevent Mold Growth on RV Ac Ceiling Vents?

If you get the vents cleaned frequently, preventing mold growth is simple. In order to maintain your RV’s vents clean, try these methods:

  • Wash them regularly
  • Change the air filters in your ventilation system frequently
  • Use a dehumidifier or fan
  • Check the vents for debris or mold growth
  • Do not place dirty rags or towels in the vents


How do you remove an AC vent from the ceiling?

Remove the vent from the ceiling by cutting through the metal flange and the insulation. After that, you ought to be able to remove the vent from the opening.

How is an RV vent cover removed?

Only two easy ways to remove an RV vent cover. The first method is to pull up the RV vents using the provided screws and then detach the cover. Other is to unscrew the cover from it.

Why do I have circular vents in my ceiling?

Round vents in your ceiling are called louvers. They’re used to vent the hot air generated inside the house through the roof.


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