RV Low Voltage Problem

Rv Low Voltage Problem : Definitive Guide

You’re enjoying a nice summer day at the campground in your RV. However, your air conditioner keeps turning off. As annoying as it is, you might want to get to the bottom of it. 

So, what’s the reason behind the RV low voltage problem? 

It may occur due to a bad power outlet or incompatible systems. Loose connections can also result in your RV facing low voltage. A faulty inverter or battery can also cause your RV to have low voltage problems. 

Are you still confused about what’s behind your RV facing low voltage? Worry not! Our article describes each of the reasons behind the low voltage in RV and its solutions. 

So without further ado let’s get into troubleshooting! 

Troubleshooting An RV That Has Low Voltage 

RVs are convenient and relatively low maintenance. However, it is an automobile at the end of the day. So it will run into various problems. One of such problems is low voltage. 

If the operating voltage is below 114 volts then it is considered low voltage. If your operating voltage drops below 108 volts then your RV might be in danger. 

Having low voltage in your RV can be detrimental. It can burn electronics like an air conditioning system in your vehicle. In that case, be sure to check whether running an air conditioner on 15 amps is harmful or not. 

The effect of low voltage can be quite costly to fix. So getting to the bottom of the problem as soon as possible is necessary. 

Causes Of Low Voltage In An Rv

Bad Power Outlet 

If your RV is facing a low voltage issue then the first thing you want to look at is the power outlet. Sometimes a bad power outlet may cause your RV to get low voltage. 

This problem might be hard to identify. So always being on the lookout will help you immensely. 


To fix this issue, you first need to be sure that your outlet is indeed faulty. To identify that you need to get a few things. 

A low voltage alarm can notify you when the voltage of your RV is low. This device needs to be connected with your RV battery. It rings when there’s low voltage. It runs on propane. So you may have to look for the best performing RV propane fire pit. 

To avoid any damage, you can get a SurgeGuard. These types of electronics can monitor the voltage levels of your RV. If the voltage level drops below a safe level, it automatically shuts down the RV. So you can understand when your RV is facing low voltage. 

One more thing you can do in this case is to get a transformer. Transformers are voltage regulators that can sense low voltage and add up the extra voltage to balance it to a normal level. 

A transformer lowers the current and increases the voltage. 

Loose Connections 

Loose connections inside the pedestal can cause your RV to have low voltage. The circuit breaker box inside your RV can also have some loose connections. 

Regular use of your RV over time can cause a few devices to have loose connections.


Identification is the first step to any solution. Check your pedestal and circuit breaker box to see if there are any loose connections. If there are, you might need to do some tightening. 

Using a screwdriver tighten all the connections in the pedestal. You should also tighten everything inside your breaker box. 

It’s quite astonishing how small amounts of lost voltage can cause such a significant result. So getting rid of loose connections will reduce lost voltage. 

Faulty Inverter or RV Battery 

One more probable cause of low voltage is a faulty inverter or RV battery. When your RV battery is not working properly, then your RV might get low voltage. 

A proper inverter inverts the appropriate amount of voltage that is needed for the RV. A problem with the inverter will definitely cause low voltage problems in your RV.


The first sign of a faulty battery is a flickering air conditioner and lack of hot water in RV. So if you see these problems then look at the RV battery

Unfortunately, the only solution to a faulty RV battery and inverter is replacing it. You need to purchase new RV batteries and an inverter. These can be found easily in your nearest RV shop or online. 

Having a faulty inverter or RV battery is particularly inconvenient. These are big parts of the RV. So replacing it can get costly. 

This is why you should always check each part of your RV from time to time. As a result, you can prevent these damages. 

These are all the problems and their solution of an RV facing low voltage issues. 


Q: Can low voltage damage my RV air conditioning system? 

Answer: Yes, low voltage can cause significant damage to your RV air conditioning system. So try to solve this problem quickly

Q: What is the proper voltage for an RV? 

Answer: If your RV contains advanced electronic devices like a microwave, refrigerator, etc then you need to have a 120 volt AC power source. 

Q: Is low voltage bad for RV? 

Answer: Yes, low voltage is extremely bad for your RV. Low voltage can burn your electronic gears and cause irreversible damage to your RV. 

Bottom line

That’s the end of our segment. To sum it up, don’t take any chances with electric appliances and resolve your low voltage issues rapidly. 

If you have any more questions regarding the RV low voltage problem then let us know down below. We would love to answer all of your queries. 

Until then stay happy and healthy. Catch you next time! 

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