How To Secure A Microwave In RV ? [ Expert Guide]

RV microwaves provide an effective and handy way to heat while on the road. They improve the comfort of any RV by broadening your options for what foods to bring and what you can do with your cuisine. But how to secure a microwave in RV is a crucial query to discuss. 

Four sheet metal screws, a 1/8′′ spacer, and an aluminum bracket fasten it to the microwave at countertop height. The frame is then secured to the front edge of the cabinet with three wood screws. When the microwave door is closed, the entire bracket is hidden. So far, it’s been quite effective.

To find out how to secure a microwave in an RV, continue reading.

What Exactly Is an RV Microwave? 

The RecPro RV Stainless-Steel Microwave is a preferred compact RV microwave due to its efficiency and power in offering the necessary performance and quality. When evaluating the best microwave ovens, search for a high-quality model such as this RecPro.

Similar to a small regular microwave, RV microwaves are portable and quickly heat food.

They often come at a lower wattage and require unique installation considerations and expenditures to prevent drains on the RV’s electrical system.

Additionally, convection rather than radiation is more frequently used to heat food in RV microwaves.

RV Microwaves in a Nutshell

Typical size ranges are as follows:

  • Small: 700 – 1000W, 0.7 – 1.0 cubic foot
  • Medium: 1.0 to 1.5 cubic feet, 1000 to 1500 W
  • Large: 1.6 – 2.2 cubic feet, 1500 – 2000W

If your microwave is on a 15-amp circuit, you’re limited to 1,500W or fewer.

If your microwave is on a 20-amp circuit, you’re limited to 2,200W or fewer.

RV microwaves are available in three styles:*

  • Over-the-range
  • Countertop
  • In-cabinet

Depending on how they’re configured, certain RV microwaves can run in numerous modes. The majority of style designations have to do with venting.

In-cabinet microwaves commonly vent air out the front using a louvered trim kit and a front-facing duct. Over-the-range microwaves vent from the top or back.

Heating via Convection

RV microwaves often use convection to heat meals. Instead of transferring energy through food, an RV microwave will heat a metal element, which warms the surrounding air.

A fan circulates this warm air throughout the food container constantly. The air in a conventional microwave does not heat up sufficiently for this technique to work.

You can cook a variety of items in a convection microwave, including broiling, baking, and toasting. They frequently come with many racks, allowing you to heat multiple objects at the same time.

What Is the Distinction Between An RV Microwave And A Conventional Microwave?

In reality, there isn’t much of a difference between an RV microwave and a standard house microwave. You could connect your RV microwave to an outlet in your kitchen, and it would work great. And the other way around.

Both microwaves have turntables that rotate. Please keep in mind that you may need to remove and store the turntable before traveling physically! Alternatively, cover it in a towel and place it back in the microwave. Otherwise, it will bounce around and cause damage to the RV.

The trim they bolt to the outside and possibly some air ducting is the main differences between an RV microwave and a Home version. These pieces (simple screws) can be unbolted and bolted into a housing unit of the same model.

How to Secure a Microwave in RV

  • Protocol for Basic Microwave Safety
  • Do not use a microwave if the door is open or if any portion of the door or gasket is damaged.
  • Food should not be heated in tightly sealed containers, infant bottles, or tall bottles with narrow necks. All containers must be labeled “microwave safe.”
  • Liquids can be heated above their boiling point. When stirring liquids, placing utensils into liquids, or taking liquids from the microwave, use extreme caution!
  • Clean your microwave regularly to lessen the risk of a fire.

A word on child safety: In some RVs, the microwave is mounted at breast height or lower, where children can reach it. Use a microwave that has child-safe features, such as a push-release paddle.

Can a Microwave Oven Be Installed in an RV? 

Some RVs utilize a hybrid microwave/convection oven instead of the stove’s built-in gas oven. A microwave oven, in any case, adds a lot of conveniences when camping. In roughly 1 minute, you may heat water for a cup of coffee, tea, or chocolate.


What Type of Microwave Is Used in an RV?

Because it can both reheat and cook items, an RV microwave convection oven combo is a great choice for tiny RVs. An RV convection microwave circulates heat with fans, moving it around and heating things faster than a conventional convection oven.

In My RV, How Do I Use My Convection Microwave?

  • Select convection from the menu.
  • Select the desired temperature by pressing either 6 (325 F) or 7 (325 C) (350 F).
  • Click the ‘Start’ button. When the convection oven reaches the desired temperature, it will emit a beep.
  • Open the oven door once the cooking temperature has been reached.

How Much Power Does a Microwave in an RV Consume?

The standard microwave oven in a caravan or motorhome is rated at 800 watts, but this refers to heat output rather than power consumption. The power drain of that 800-watt microwave oven is roughly 1200 watts because the majority are barely 50% efficient.

Can My Inverter Power My Microwave in My RV?

If you intend to use the inverter that came with your RV, our experts advise a 1500-watt pure sine wave inverter. For a countertop microwave, they advise a 2000-watt pure sine wave inverter.

Why Did the Microwave in My RV Quit Working?

In that outlet, the microwave won’t operate correctly if the voltage is too low. However, the pedestal outlet your RV is plugged into may also be a problem. Try connecting your RV to a different outlet if at all feasible because the problem might be there.

Final Thoughts 

A microwave, like in a typical home, isn’t necessary in an RV if you also have a stove. However, it is the appliance’s ease that sells it. A standard microwave will suffice in an RV. Therefore, this article has thoroughly discussed how to secure a microwave in RV. 

We hope you have gained a thorough understanding of microwaves in RV. Have a lovely day!

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