RV Slide Out Problems Clicking Noise : How to Fix?

If you are using an RV of your own, there are issues you will have to come across once in a while. Just like any other vehicle, an RV also needs regular maintenance.

Without that, you will face various types of problems one day or the other, which will cause you trouble. RV slide out problems clicking noise is one of the most common ones.

Most commonly, the issue happens with the RV slide out. While these slide-outs in your motorhomes can significantly increase the living space, they also come with their own set of problems, which you must deal with as soon as possible to travel or live there peacefully.

One such problem is when the slide-out makes disturbing noises every time you use it. However, there is no need to be frustrated about it. In this article, you will find everything you need to know about RV slide-out problems and how to fix them. 

Why does RV Slide Out Problems Clicking Noise?

The first step to finding the solution to any problem is to find out what exactly caused the problem in the first place. For multiple reasons, the slide out of your RV may be making noise. For example,

Partially charged battery

The main reason for clicking noises in the RV may be that the battery is not fully charged. Even if you are connected to shore power, most RVs will only work when the battery is fully charged. At that time, the slide-out system will only click but will not move.

Broken parts

There are motor gears inside the gearboxes. If those are broken, then the RV will make clicking noises. Again, if the shear pin is broken or the relay is blown out, it can also happen.

Misaligned track

Misalignment in the suspension system is one of the main causes of this problem. A misaligned axle is usually caused due to lateral, unbalanced weight. When you add a slide-out rook to your RV and then bring in more appliances and cargo, the lateral balance of the RV can be destroyed, thus causing the noise.

This misalignment can also happen if the axles are not placed parallel to each other, with the coupler being at unequal distances from both.

Insufficient lubricant

It’s important to lubricate and re-lubricate your slide-out once in a while, specifically around once a month. This is to ensure it can still move in and out properly and also to prevent rust and corrosion.

But if you have lubricated it recently and it is still making noise, the reason might be that you are not using enough lubricant. 

Wrong lubricant

If you think that you have been using more than enough lubricant for your slide-outs and frequently as well, but it’s still making that kind of noise, then the reason can still be related to lubricants.

It may mean that the lubricant you’re using is not the right one. That’s right, using just any kind of lube is not going to work out. This is to say; that the lubricant might not be good for use on metal, rubber, vinyl, or plastic, so it won’t serve the actual purpose.

The slide mechanism is worn-out

There are different types of slide mechanisms out there. For example, hydraulic slides and electric slides like rack and pinion slides, cable slides, and Schwintek slides.

Regardless of which one you have selected; they are all subject to wear and tear. Around the 10-year mark, slides become a maintenance issue due to this. 

Debris on the slide toppers

This one speaks for itself. If there is snow or ice and such cluttering on your slide stoppers, then it’s bound to make noise.

How to fix RV Slide Out Problems Clicking Noise?

Now that you are aware of all the causes, the solutions should not be that big of a deal. Here is how you can fix your RV slide-out making noises-

Take it to a repair shop

If your track is misaligned or the sliding mechanism is worn out, you cannot hope to fix it yourself unless you are an experienced mechanic.

In this case, it’s best to take it to a repair shop for a specialized service as soon as possible. The more you delay, the more the damage will be, and the more it will cost to repair it. If you’re not near any repair shop at the moment, you can still retract the RV slide out manually.

Replace damaged parts

If a repair doesn’t work, you might even have to replace some parts, which will cost you more money. If the motor gear is broken, you might need more than $800 to replace it. However, the price can vary depending on the RV model as well as the repair shop.

Use the right lube

Your RV has surely come with a user manual, and that manual will contain everything you need to know about the lubricant. Which lubricant and how much of it you should apply on the slides should be written there specifically.

However, if you have lost the manual, then you might have to do some experimentation or just ask someone who uses a similar RV. 

Generally, the best lube is considered to be the 3-IN-ONE RV care slide-out silicone lube, and it works on all types of slide mechanisms.

You should clean and lubricate the RV slide-outs at least twice a year, maybe more, depending on where you are traveling.

However, the best would be to lubricate it after every eight weeks or so, which will fully prevent the slide-out seals from prematurely decaying.

Clear off debris

If you are traveling a lot in winter where there is snow and ice, you have to take the responsibility of cleaning any debris that might be collected on the slide toppers and the slide tracks as soon as possible. This is not just for the slide-out to stop making noise but also for the motor to function properly.

If you force your motor to push through the snow, it will have to do extra work. This can severely shorten the motor’s lifespan, which will lead you to need a replacement much earlier than normal.


1. How much does it cost to fix an RV slide out?

The repair cost will increase depending on the size of the model and, of course, the severity of the damage. If the damage is fairly serious, you can expect to pay a minimum of $500 to around $2000 for a single slide out. 

2. Which is the best lube to use for RV slide-outs?

Generally, the best lube is considered to be the 3-IN-ONE RV care slide-out silicone lube, and it works on all types of slide mechanisms.

3. How much weight can you put on an RV slide out?

To avoid overload, you should keep the materials in a typical-sized RV slide within a total weight range of 600 to 1500 lbs. A larger RV slide will be able to withhold more.


And now you know all about RV slide out problems clicking noise and also how you can fix them. Better to get it over and done with as soon as you can, because no one likes noise!

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