Carefree RV Awning Problems : How To Fix It ?

Has your Carefree awning gotten stuck in the open position? Or is it not deploying or retracting at all? A carefree awning can cause you a lot of problems. It is advisable that you don’t just simply ignore them because it will lead to more issues in the future. So, you need to know some ways to fix your Carefree RV Awning problems.

If you want to install Carefree awnings on your RV, then you are making a great decision. However, before you do, it will be best for you to be aware of the different types of problems so that you can do RV awning troubleshooting when the need arises. In this article, that is exactly what we will be going through.

What Is an RV Awning?

An RV awning is a type of awning that attaches to the outside of a vehicle. It can be used for shade or rain protection, and some models have screens for ventilation. In an RV, having awnings over the windows, doors, and patios can be quite beneficial for the user.

Door and window awnings can provide shade and protection from rain and snow. In comparison, the awning over an RV slide topper will keep your RV roof protected from different types of debris. Moreover, patio awnings can extend the internal living space area of the RV. So combining all of these, you can use the RV for a long time comfortably and with little maintenance too.

What are the Common Carefree RV Awning Problems?

The Carefree RV Awning is a useful addition to your RV. It provides shade and protection from rain, wind, and sun. However, if it is not working properly, you may find yourself in need of repairs. Some common problems include:

  • Your Carefree RV Awning is not retracting fully or at all.
  • You can’t open or close your Carefree RV Awning by remote control or manually.
  • System issues in the awning
  • Awning closing and opening too slowly 

Different types of Carefree electric awning problems and how to fix them

Carefree awning troubleshooting is not a big deal at all. Here is a list of the most common problems you may encounter as well as how to repair the Carefree of Colorado awning –

Awnings are not retractable due to weather conditions 

One of the best things about Carefree RVs is that the electric awnings have a motion sensor installed in them. This is a very useful feature most of the time. When these motion sensors sense anything nearby that it might bump into, the awnings will automatically extract or retract depending on the response. Not only that, but these motion sensors will also help you out by blocking access to opening the awning if there is no space left. 

But while these benefits are certainly worth looking forward to, there is also one drawback to this feature. These motion sensors are extremely sensitive, so sometimes they will respond to harmless things.

You will notice this, especially during heavy weather conditions. If it’s windy, stormy, or raining quite heavily, the awnings might have trouble retracting.

In this case, you should never force the awning to retract. Carefree awning manual retraction by force might damage the hardware components. Instead, patiently wait for it to retract by itself, which it will soon unless there is some other kind of damage present.

The awning is not getting out 

Many RV users face a common problem when their awning doesn’t come out. There could be many reasons behind this occurrence. For a Carefree RV user, one of the reasons might be what they call the Ignition Lock, which is present in almost all RVs manufactured by the company.

The additional features of the different types of Ignition Lock may vary depending on the model, but in the bottom line, the main job of it is to prevent your awnings from extracting if the key on the vehicle is set to ignition.

If you are wondering why this particular feature exists, the reason is your own safety. The Ignition Lock makes sure that you do not accidentally extract the awnings while you are driving, which can be quite dangerous. So if there is no kind of technical problem present, the main reason behind your awning not getting out might be because the Ignition Lock is currently active.

Awning closing and opening too slowly 

If your awning’s retraction and extraction are slower than usual, there may be a problem. You may not think it’s a huge matter since there’s no rush to open or close the awning, but it might be an indication of a greater problem.

The equipment’s motors may be clogged. Whether you travel a lot or park the RV for a long period, the motor joints will acquire dust and grime, affecting the awnings. A little grime is OK if you clean them regularly.

As it collects more, the motors may be damaged beyond repair. You’ll have to fix or replace it, which is a pain. Keeping the awning and car clean is the only solution.

Silicone spray may remove dirt from joints. Don’t simply wipe it once and stop; clean the joints multiple times consecutively, particularly if it’s been a while since you last did so. Wait till the equipment dries. Test your awnings to check whether the issue is rectified.

System issues in the awning

You may be unable to determine the cause of Carefree awning system troubles. Usually, the connecting box causes such problems. Everything is wired to a control box. If even one wire comes loose, the connected equipment will cease operating and the system would malfunction.

Checking and tightening the connection box connections may cure many awning system technical issues. First, find it. Model-specific, though commonly in the front bay.

If not, check the RV’s handbook for the location. You can Google the model’s name if you don’t have the handbook.


Are RV Awnings Covered By Insurance?

There are some insurance plans that will include RV awnings in the coverage. Whereas there are others that will cover them only if you add additional coverage to do so. Either way, it’s important to understand your awning’s warranty details beforehand.

How often should I clean my RV awning?

You can hose down your RV at least once every month. If you maintain that schedule, then you won’t have to deep clean the RV too often. Deep cleaning once every 2-3 years will suffice to ensure the proper functioning.

Can I Find Awning Replacement Parts?

If only specific parts of your awning are damaged, but the rest of it is fine, you do not have to replace the whole thing. You can find parts that you need to replace by ordering them from your manufacturer.


And these were the Carefree RV awning problems and how to fix them. If you still face any kind of issue outside these and can’t figure out how to deal with it, then the best thing to do would be to consult a local dealer to diagnose the issue for you.

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