How To Keep Rv Bumper Caps On ? Step by Step Guideline

Among the most frequently asked issues is how to keep RV bumper caps on? In this post, I will give you step-by-step instructions on keeping your RV bumper caps on.

RV bumper caps are the little plastic pieces that fit over the ends of your RV’s bumpers to protect them from the sun. Everybody should keep their RV bumper on, mainly because keeping your hose in place is very important. 

Many people put the sewage hoses inside the rear bumper of their RVs because they don’t want them tucked away in a dark corner, ready to spring a leak. A cap at each end of the bumper seals the tube and covers the metal edges.

This article will show you the basics of Best RV bumper caps and how to keep RV bumper caps on, making this guide easy to follow and understand.

What are RV bumper caps?

RV bumper caps are metal covers that are usually attached to the front of an RV. They protect the front end of the RV from scratches and dents.

There are two main types of RV standard and oversized bumper caps. Standard RV bumper caps fit most RVs, while oversized RV bumper caps fit some RVs with large bumpers.

If you’re not sure which type of RV To Before you buy a bumper cap, you can measure the width of your front bumper using a ruler or a piece of paper. Then, you can choose a cap that matches that measurement.

Why do you need to keep RV bumper caps on?

People usually keep RV bumper caps on because it’s important to keep your sewage hoses in place. If you don’t put the caps on, the water will leak out and ruin your RV.

Plus, if someone hits your RV while it’s parked, they might damage the front of your vehicle if there is a dent or scratch on the bumper.

RV bumper caps are important safety devices. They protect the front of your RV from rocks, sticks, and other objects that could damage the vehicle. If you don’t keep your RV bumper caps on, these objects could get into the engine and cause damage.

There are several techniques to keep RV bumper caps in place. You can use a cap keeper or put them on with a strap. In any case, it is essential to do so for your safety in the event of an accident.

Make sure your RV bumper caps are on at all times. In addition, it’s critical to utilize the suitable style of bumper cap.

How to keep RV bumper caps on?

These pointers will help you avoid misplacing your bumper cap altogether.

The bumper caps on an older vehicle may need to be replaced. The caps will harden over time and will no longer be able to ‘grab’ the bumper adequately.

The hose shouldn’t be stuffed too far into the bumper to avoid damaging it. Even if the hose is stuffed in and the cap is on, the hose will expand and force the cap out over time.

To remove the cap without damaging the bumper, you should drill a 3/16-inch hole in the top of the bumper. Do some measurements if you want to drill a hole far enough back from the bumper to be still able to grab the cap.

Using a 2 to 3 inch long bolt, nail, or rod, fasten the cap into place. Having a large length will prevent it from escaping while driving.

To be safe, you can expand the rod or screw through the bumper by drilling a comparable hole through its bottom. A gutter spike would be ideal for this use.

What types of RV caps do I need?

RV bumper caps are a necessary part of an RV’s safety. If your RV doesn’t have them, you may need to get them. A variety of RV caps are available, and each serves a specific purpose. The most common type of RV cap is the steel bumper cap.

Your RV’s front end is safe with this cap in place. It also helps keep the front end clean. Another type of RV cap is the fiberglass bumper cap.

This cap is made of fiberglass and is meant to replace the steel bumper cap. The fiberglass bumper cap is strong and can withstand a lot of abuse. The last type of RV cap is the plastic bumper cap.

This cap is made of plastic and is meant to be a temporary solution. It’s okay to utilize a plastic bumper cap in the meantime in the event you don’t have any other RV caps on hand.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I keep my bumper caps on?

To keep your bumper caps on, you will need to use adhesive tape. Velcro is another option. Be sure to use the proper size, however.

How can I take off my RV’s bumper caps?

To remove the bumper caps from your RV, you will need to remove the two screws in the middle of the bumper cap.


How to keep RV bumper caps on?  I hope you have found your solution. Bumper caps can be a big pain to keep on your RV, but you will have them on in no time with these simple steps. The key is to use a quality bumper cap installation kit and follow the instructions carefully.

You won’t run into any issues if you follow the instructions exactly.  RV bumper caps are a great way to show your pride and support your team, but they can be tricky to keep on. Thanks for reading!

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