RV Furnace Not Working? (Solutions Included)

RV trips can extend beyond the hot summer months. In fact, some folks prefer RV travel all year round. In cases like this, a heater or furnace is critical for keeping you warm at night and possibly even pleasant during the day. But what happens when the furnace fails to function properly? What should you do if your RV furnace won’t light?

A basic RV propane furnace requires a strong 12V power source. Low battery voltage could be the reason your furnace is not turning on at all. Other variables that contribute to the problem include thermostat and blower motor failures.

The reasons your RV furnace isn’t working, how to diagnose them, and whether or not you can fix them yourself are all covered in this article.

The Mechanism of an RV Furnace

This is true of the most typical RV stoves you’re likely to find; however, we can only account for some models and types of furnaces.

  • The thermostat sends a current to the RV furnace in response to a heat request.
  • The current drives the time delay relay, which in turn drives the RV furnace blower.
  • The blower spins up and draws air from the Air Return, causing air to flow through the heat exchanger and out of the ducts. A second fan draws air into the combustion chamber to fuel the furnace.
  • The fan air forces the sail switch to close as the blower speed increases.
  • Power is then routed through the High Limit Switch to the Control Circuit Board.
  • When power is applied to the control board, the gas supply is opened. It causes the DSI igniter to spark.
  • The gas ignites and generates heat within the combustion chamber.
  • Heat will enter the heat exchanger, heating the air and traveling via the ducts.
  • The thermostat will reach its predetermined temperature when the RV begins to warm up.
  • When the proper temperature is attained, the burner will shut down.
  • The fab will continue to operate in order to safely cool the furnace until the time delay switch is activated.

All RV furnaces function only on battery power, so there is no need to plug in or run a generator. You can run the furnace as long as the RV’s batteries are sufficiently charged and you have a supply of gas.

Reasons Your Furnace Isn’t Working

There are several factors that can prevent an RV furnace from properly starting. Some of the most common reasons for a propane furnace failure are as follows:

  • Probable propane tank issues
  • Propane line issues
  • A faulty thermocouple and pilot light
  • Thermostat malfunctions
  • Airflow issues
  • Simple electrical difficulties

Common Causes Of RV Furnace Failure And How To Fix Them

When you raise the thermostat in your RV, there could be various reasons for your furnace failing to generate heat. Let’s examine the most typical problems and their solutions.

When you raise the temperature in your RV, nothing happens

A fan should start running within a few seconds of raising the thermostat in your RV. However, your fan/blower motor isn’t starting if you dial up your RV’s thermostat and nothing happens. There may be several reasons why a fan or blower motor isn’t working.

The blower In An RV Won’t Start

Several factors can contribute to this:

  • The furnace receives insufficient power from the thermostat. A faulty wire or a thermostat that isn’t getting power may be to blame.
  • Ineffective Time Delay Relay
  • The RV’s battery cannot power the furnace relay switch.
  • For maintenance, the circuit breaker may be activated or turned off.
  • Sloppy wiring
  • Blower motor malfunction.

Low voltage in the RV batteries can result in a spike in current that might set off the circuit breaker. The circuit breaker may also trip as a result of an excessive amount of strain on the motor brought on by dirt. The breaker may trip if the motor experiences a short.

For loose or corroded wires, inspect the wiring. Observe the area around the motor and fans for any accumulation of dirt. Verify the battery’s output voltage and the location where it reaches the motor. Try again once you have reset the circuit breaker.

Improper Power Supply

A standard RV propane furnace needs a powerful 12V power source. Low battery voltage could be the cause of your furnace not turning on at all (such that you never even hear the fan turn on).

To ensure you have enough 12-volt electricity to run the furnace, you should check your 12-volt power source. The furnace, for instance, will not work if your house battery is dead.

After you’ve confirmed that you have a reliable 12V power supply from your RV’s batteries, check the connections along the wire leading from the thermostat to the furnace’s circuit board.

RV Burner Turns On and Off

The heat exchanger overheating is the cause of this issue, which is also known as “cycling on the limit switch,” which results in the high limit switch acting. Nine out of ten times, this is brought on by a lack of airflow through the furnace, typically due to some obstruction.

A broken limit switch can occasionally bring on this issue, but it can also be brought on by a buildup of dust or debris inside the heat exchanger.


Why isn’t my RV’s furnace working?

The power supply is insufficient. A standard RV propane furnace requires a robust 12V power supply for various furnace components to work. If your furnace never turns on, it could be due to low battery voltage.

What Might Cause a Furnace Not to Turn On?

If your furnace isn’t turning on, first, make sure the filter is clean. Filters that are dirty cause insufficient airflow and can prevent the furnace from starting. Other causes of it not starting include incorrect thermostat settings, failure to turn on the gas line, or defective pilot light.

How Do You Restart an RV’s Furnace?

The lockout condition can be reset by turning off the thermostat and lowering the temperature to a level that does not cause the furnace to switch on. Wait around 30 seconds before turning back on the thermostat and raising the temperature to the appropriate level.

Why Is My RV Furnace Operating But There Is No Heat?

It’s very uncommon for an RV furnace fan to run but provide no heat due to a problem with the switch. One of the potential issues is low battery voltage. So, make sure your RV’s house batteries aren’t dead.

What Is the Location of the Furnace’s Reset Button?

Every furnace has a reset button. They are usually red or yellow and are positioned inside the blower chamber. The reset button is a safety mechanism that will shut down the furnace if a problem is identified, usually a hot or overheating furnace, before it hits the circuit breaker.

Bottom Line

Using a systematic approach to identifying your RV furnace problems is crucial to ensuring a quick repair. You can repair it yourself in some of these circumstances. The causes of your RV furnace not functioning as well as solutions to the problem, were covered in this article.

Although being in this condition is terrible, there is still hope since, with a little bit of knowledge of how things work, you can quickly get the furnace working again. We hope that this article answers your questions and satisfies you.

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