How Often Should Air Dryer Purge

How Often Should Air Dryer Purge ? [Expert Opinion]

If your air dryer frequently purges, you may have a big problem. The purge function is of utmost importance. It keeps the heat exchanger — and so the entire system — from overheating.

However, if the purge cycle frequently releases the air, it indicates otherwise. And so, you must learn about how often should air dryer purge.

When the purge valve allows too much air to escape, the dryer becomes vulnerable to burning out the air compressor and electrical components. It is an involuntary loss of material through the dryer vent. So, the problem could indicate a faulty dryer, low duct pressure, negative duct static pressure, or damaged ductwork. 

We understand your confusion, and so this article will reveal it all. It will give you a definite answer on what you should do when the air dryer won’t stop purging. Furthermore, you’ll better understand what an air dryer is and how it works. 

How Often Should Air Dryer Purge – The Basic Fundamentals

Unfortunately, there is no definite answer to this query. In order to calculate the appropriate frequency range, you should take into account a number of factors. That may include:

– Compressor efficiency

– Average speed of your vehicle

– Duration between purges

– Road profile or terrain

– Air dryer components (i.e., seals)

– and how old they are.

To figure out how often an air drier should purge, first discover how an air dryer works. What precisely does it accomplish? What is the significance of this? Let’s come up with some solutions together. You may have a rudimentary idea of how an air drier operates.

Air Dryer Usage

Some vehicles, especially trucks, include an air brake system that requires an air dryer component in the design. Besides, it has another significant role in saving our days! Your car’s air conditioning system collects pollutants and moisture as you drive.

To help prevent damage to your car’s system, an air dryer will take out excess humidity and debris from it. This protects your vehicle’s air conditioning system as well as its overall performance — extending the life of your car.

The Necessity of Air Dryer

As mentioned earlier, vehicles manufactured with a built-in air braking system need an air dryer. It includes an air compressor to fill its air tank full with air. So, when the driver pushes the brake paddle, it can provide enough air flow to the compressor to make the brake work. 

Now about the air dryer, you can’t avoid humidity and moisture from the natural air, no matter how healthy your living atmosphere is. So, when you drive down your car on the city road, the air compressor absorbs that air and runs it through a compression process. That way, your vehicle gets heated air from its tank automatically. 

It slowly gets into average temperature when warm, moist air is blown through the truck’s hoses and pipes. That way, it also discharges the overheat and moisture from the air conditioner. Otherwise, it could lead to a build-up of moisture in the truck.

When water vapor cools, it condenses and creates water droplets on surfaces like the truck’s pipes and hoses. This is part of why your truck’s AC isn’t as cool when you turn it on after a long day of hauling.

The Definition of Air Dryer Purging

Why does my air dryer keep purging? The answer to this question is very simple. When your air dryer spits out dirt, lint, and other debris, it’s called purging. Sometimes, the purge cycle is too short.

Other times, the cycle is too long — with no moisture reaching the tube. Then there might be times when your air dryer will not purge at all. You may have to troubleshoot and find the perfect time for purging when this happens.

Air Dryer Troubleshooting

It’s time you acknowledge the essential troubleshooting steps you should take for air dryer maintenance. Although you can change the entire air dryer system if needed. Therefore, we have already compiled a list of the best RV air dryer available on the market. 

However, you can also perform minor troubleshooting if the air dryer isn’t severely damaged. But what are those? So, without further ado, let’s jump right in.

If you see your vehicles’ air dryer purges too often within seconds, you should check on the air leakage. It might be possible that an air leak on the compressor is causing this problem now and then.

It could also be a pipe leak if you don’t find the leakage on the compressor. So, make sure to get rid of the leakage problem to avoid severe damage to your vehicle’s system. 

The dryer purging might also occur due to the old air pipes of your vehicle. Once you buy a new car and keep on rolling with it without changing the air pipes or other relevant components, it causes the air dryer system to purge often. 

If the old air pipes aren’t causing the purging problem, you should now check on the plugged air cartridge. Not only can a clogged air cartridge cause your truck to overheat, but it will also lead to additional maintenance and repairs down the road. To keep your air dryer running smoothly, you should replace it every two years.


Today on our blog, we’ll be addressing some of the most common queries people have with air dryers.

How Often To Clean Out Dryer Vent

The larger the exhaust vent is, the more it needs to be inspected. Also, if the dryer is frequently used, it needs to be checked regularly. So, at the very least, clear out the dryer vent yearly.

How Often Should You Change Air Dryer Filter

If you drive your truck a few hours a day, you will probably need to replace the air filter every 2-3 years. If your vehicle is driven primarily in the city, then you might be able to get away with only replacing the filter once or twice a year.

At What Pressure Does the Air Dryer Purge?

If the system pressure hits 130 psi, the ignition switch should be manually shut off to avoid system damage. – Increase system pressure to the governor cut-out point and allow two (2) minutes for such air dryer purge to complete. Take note of the pressures on dash gauges, and then watch them for two (2) minutes.

Wrapping Up

As we’ve already mentioned, it’s impossible to specify the exact timing of the air dryer purge. when the heated air reaches the air compressor, it will automatically take the action. Besides, It depends on how low the liquid level is in the tank as well as a number of other factors.

We hope you learned something new by reading our article. If you have any other questions on how often you should purge your air drier, please leave a comment.

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