Concertone RV Stereo Troubleshooting – Expert Tips

The Concertone is a top-notch system for RV entertainment. It makes sense that every RV owner turns to it for their audio and video system requirements. It might be frustrating when your Concertone stereo suddenly stops functioning properly.

Consult the owner’s manual if you have any issues with your Concertone RV stereo. You can repair and troubleshoot your stereo using the instructions in this manual.

Check out the article to learn what to do if your Concertone RV radio needs to be fixed. With a few quick problem-solving suggestions, this article will make your travel experience simpler.

Concertone RV Stereo Troubleshooting

An easy Concertone RV radio troubleshooting guide can be all you need before you run to the closest repair facility and shell out a ton of cash on repairs. First, look at the usual problems with this RV entertainment system listed below to get the solution you’re looking for.

Unable to Turn On Concertone RV Stereo

This is a common worry among Concertone owners who have owned their units for a considerable amount of time. For example, we have heard of several people whose older camper’s Concertone stereo just won’t turn on.

What Would the Issue Be in This Case?

The fuse would likely come to mind as the first suspect. But, you see, no matter how many times you click the power button on the stereo, nothing happens. The fact that the physical unit won’t function, even while the red light is on, does not help.

Keep in mind that your Concertone runs on 12-volt DC power. If the light is on, the unit receives electricity. However, the unit might be locked. In this scenario, you must inspect and remove the 12-volt automotive fuse that powers the gadget. Then restart it.

Another case in point is that it is dependent on what you are attempting to run in your Concertone. For example, is it the radio, stereo, or CD player? Because satellite radio and television require separate power supplies, you should experiment with the various modes.

It may also be useful to remove the panel. Following that, you can test the 12-volt power of each source. Finally, pull the fuse for the radio and wait a few minutes before reconnecting it.

Zero Sound

Resetting your Concertone RV Stereo is necessary if you’re having issues with the audio output. Often, it can fix audio problems. Unlike other devices, a Concertone stereo may be reset with just a few simple steps.

Resetting is a relatively easy process that doesn’t call for any specialized expertise or abilities. You can reset the audio by taking out the fuse, waiting a few minutes, and then replacing it. Try taking out the battery or hiring a technician if the device is still unresponsive after the reset.

If your stereo isn’t producing sound, the speaker wires may need to be replaced. A check should be made to make sure the cables are plugged into the right ports on the stereo and speakers.

Speaking of speakers, they might also be broken. In addition, the speakers won’t be able to play any sound if the power source isn’t functioning. This can be a problem with the wiring or a broken component.

Can’t Disable the Alarm Clock

An alarm clock is one of the Concertone ZXY5’s many features, which also include MP4 support and a DVD player, to name a couple. This is a cool feature; however, if you are unable to disable it or alter its settings, it could become annoying.

There are a few things you can attempt to silence the alarm:

  • Disconnect the device. However, be cautious to keep it linked to the battery or power source.
  • Take a close look at the dimmed LCD. The time and the phrase “Timer” ought to be shown.
  • Click the “sleep timer” button after seeing the timer. This should then stop the timer. Last but not least, it ought to muffle the warning. Issue fixed!

Broken Wires

If the Concertone RV stereo still needs to be fixed, the problem may be with the wiring. First, verify that the speakers and power supply are connected to the wires in the right manner.

Without it, the wires risk becoming tangled and damaged. The remaining components can be examined to see if they have any damage after the cables have been examined.

Wire damage is a typical issue with RV stereos. Wires need to be changed immediately if you see any broken or damaged.

You ought to be able to utilize the gadget if the wiring is in working order. However, you should speak with an electrician if you need help understanding the wiring.

Alternative Problems And Solutions

You might also be interested in learning the following information about Concertone RV stereo troubleshooting, which may be relevant to your specific issues:

No Power

Ascertain whether the fuse is blown by checking. When a fuse is damaged, replace it with one that is suitable and has the right value.

LCD Malfunctions

The antenna is the wrong length if the LCD still needs to be fixed after you hit the button. If the antenna is damaged, extend it or get a new one.

No Pictures Are Being Shown

The video cable from the main unit to the TV is likely improperly connected if the audio plays, but the video does not. To address the issue, make the necessary modifications.

A Warning About a Disc Error Appears

A disc error indicates that the color system has been configured incorrectly. For the color scheme, choose between PAL and NTSC. Your TV’s connected devices will determine the setting.

The Video Has No Color

If there is a video, but it is in black-and-white mode, a quick unit reset might be helpful.


How Can I Restart My Radio in My RV?

There is a little hole immediately to the right of the CD/DVD eject button. There is a little reset button there if you straighten out a paper clip and insert it. The stereo will restart itself when you press the button.

Why Does My Radio Come On But Make No Noise?

To ensure that no wire or lead is attached to a chassis ground, check each set of wires and speaker placement. The radio will turn the internal amplifier off, which will interpret this as short and result in the on but silent problem. There must be separate positive and negative connections from the radio to each speaker that is connected to it.

How May an Electrical Short in an RV Be Located?

You can track the short circuit current by running a DC clamp meter along the cable. Therefore, if your clamp meter is between the fuse/bulb and the short circuit, it will show a reading of about 1 amp. However, the current will be zero amps if your clamp meter is positioned after the short circuit point.

In the RV, Where Is the GFCI?

The majority of GFCI outlets are situated close to sections of the RV that could become wet, such as the external outlets and the sinks in the kitchen and bathroom. GFCIs safeguard any electrical equipment plugged into that outlet and any other outlets connected to the same circuit, which means the same electrical cable links them.

Why isn’t sound coming out of my receiver?

A receiver and all input devices must be turned on. Your receiver, speakers, and input devices’ appropriate input and output terminals should be firmly connected to the cables. Verify that audio is being played by the input devices. Check to see if your AV receiver’s volume or master volume knob is not set to VOL MIN.

Bottom Line

You should spend money on an RV stereo system if you’re taking a long journey and don’t have a strict spending limit. Your life is made a lot simpler when your Concertone RV stereo is functioning properly.

But if something goes wrong, you can simply consult our Concertone RV stereo troubleshooting guide to fix the issue.

A well-known RV stereos manufacturer, Concertone provides various models at competitive prices. RV stereos made by Concertone have reportedly experienced issues. The troubleshooting advice we’ve provided in this article can help you fix these problems.

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