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Best Ladder Jack : The Top 5 Ones In The Market

Need to fix the antenna of the RV? Well, the ladder jack can help by building you a scaffold. With that, you can set up all the antennas you need in peace. You won’t have to constantly sling onto the ladder.

Both your hands will be there to help get the task done faster. But to make sure that you stay safe when standing on an elevated platform you do need the help of the best ladder jack.

Lucky for you we have the perfect ingredient to find the right jack for you. How?

You see, we have drafted a list of the 5 top-selling ladder jacks in the market and from there you get to choose the perfect one by going through their features one at a time.

Besides, we even added a few info points that may help you along the way. Anyway, since that’s cleared out we can get started

Our Top 5 Best Ladder Jack Review 2024

At A Glance

  • Color: Silver
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Item Weight: 18 Pounds
  • Item Dimensions: 26.46 x 13.14 x 4.81 inches
  • Acceptable Stage Width: 20 inches

More About The Product

At the top of our list, we have the Werner AC10-20-02 Ladder Jacks. Now, this is our favorite ladder jack from the list. And it’s here for some solid reasons. So, if you wanna find out then do stick around-

You see, this is the most budget-friendly product on our list. But don’t worry, the quality and the number of features it allows still are comparable to the others. So, at a more affordable price, you are getting a solid deal. And we think that is what makes this product so great.

However, it is made out of aluminum. And because of that, the ladder jack is quite lightweight. Hence, the ladder won’t feel too much pressure because of this ladder jack.

Moreover, it also has adjustable qualities. So, you can adjust the size accordingly to fit any size plank you want. However, there is a limit. And the limit is up to 20 inches.

But we must say that the limit is quite high. You will have the option of planting a plank wide enough to support you easily.

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At A Glance

  • Item Weight: ‎4.5 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: ‎34 x 10 x 6 inches
  • Color: ‎Silver
  • Material: ‎Aluminum
  • Acceptable Stage Width: 18 inches

More About The Product

In second place, we have the Qualcraft 2420 Ladder, Jack. Ever heard of the brand Qualcraft? It’s quite famous for its ladder jacks. But is this model any special?

Well, it is the ladder jack that can support 450 lbs. And, if you had a peek at the comparison table then you know that this ladder jack is capable of handling the most weight. Hence, you won’t collapse when you get on top of the scaffold it creates.

Besides, due to its high weight capacity, it is in fact able to carry the weight of the plank and two average-sized humans. So, you can bring a helping hand with you if you do end up using this ladder jack.

Plus, it can be mounted on both the inside and outside faces of the ladder. So, no matter in which place you need a scaffold it will be able to make it appear for you in a jiffy.

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At A Glance

  • Item Weight: ‎19.56 Pounds
  • Product Dimensions: ‎4.51 x 13.5 x 31 Inches
  • Item model number: AC10-20-03
  • Color‎: Silver
  • Material: ‎Aluminum
  • Type: 3 Rung

More About The Product

Next up, we have the Werner AC10-20-03 Ladder Jacks. Yes, it is another of Werner’s ladder jack. But how is this one any better? Well, we are about to find out-

You see, unlike the other Werner ladder jack, this one is a 3 rung model. That means it has 3 brackets that go on the ladder. Because of this, the ladder will be safer to use. And, it will have the chance to grasp onto the ladder tightly.

Apart from that, this ladder jack can also hold planks that go up to 20 inches in width. So, you will be able to use a plank that is quite wide hence you will have enough foot space to stand easily.

Moreover, it is also quite easy to use. Simply follow the instructions and the ladder jack will be set up in no time at all. In fact, you won’t end up needing the help of any professional. You can do it yourself.

Plus, the whole thing is made out of aluminum. Hence, it is quite lightweight so it won’t put too much pressure on the ladders.

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At A Glance

  • Type: 3 Rung
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Brand: Qualcraft
  • Item Weight: 6 Pounds
  • Item Dimensions: 46 x 10 x 6.5 inches

More About The Product

Moving on we have the Qualcraft 2430 Body Ladder Jack. The name might sound familiar because we saw another one of Qualcraft’s ladder jack a while ago. So, the question is how is this one different?

The main difference between the two ladder jacks of the same brand is their rung model number. You see, this one has rung. Meaning there are 3 brackets of them that go on to the step of the ladder. And as you already know this increases the stability of the ladder jack.

Plus, the whole thing is wielded in such a way that its strength and durability are enhanced. In fact, it has the capacity to handle around 400 lbs. Plus, it is so durable that it will not wear out with time that easily.

Moreover, you can place it on either side of the ladder. It works on both the inside and the outside part of the ladder. Plus, it can accommodate any planks as long as they are less than 18 inches wide.

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At A Glance

  • Item Weight ‎: 12.38 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: ‎24 x 5 x 5 inches
  • Color: ‎Silver
  • Type: 2 Rung

More About The Product

Last but not least, we have the Titan Pair Ladder Jacks. This is the last stop on our list so let’s have a look at what this ladder jack is capable of.

But before we go too deep we would like to state that this ladder jack was the easiest one to set up. We did try out all the other ladder jacks and this one was the one that took the least effort. But you do have to follow the instructions carefully to get it to work.

Besides, it has the capacity to hold 220 lbs weight. So, try to make sure that the combined weight of you and the plank doesn’t cross this limit.

Asides from that, this titan ladder jack works with plans of width 12 and 18 inches. So, try to get planks that are of this width to pair with the ladder jacks.

Moreover, these ladder jacks are actually of the 2 rung model. So, they are pretty easy to operate.

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What Does a Ladder Jack Do?

Every once in a while we need some helping tools for the RV. Now, the shocks for the RV trucks cover the bumps of the road but what happens when you have to build a scaffold?

Obviously, the shocks won’t do. You will need the help of a ladder jack. Now, you might ask the nature of the ladder jack’s function and how useful it is.

Well, the ladder jacks are nothing more than tools that go on the ladders to build support so that you can construct a scaffold. With the help of a scaffold, you can reach the upper part of your RV and have a stable place to put your foot.

With typical ladders, you have the fear of falling down plus you can’t work with all of your tools in peace. But imagine if you have a long task with the upper part of your RV that will require you to work freely.

For instance, you might want to paint every inch of your RV. Now, you can’t really work freely with the ladders. You will have to build a scaffold. And ladder jacks can help you with that.

What Should Ladder Jacks Be Made Out Of?

People often ask us what is the best material for the jack ladder?

In our opinion, the best material for a ladder jack is none other than aluminum. Besides, one fun fact about RV ladder jacks is that most of them are actually made out of aluminum.

That’s because they are the best fit for a ladder’s jack. This is because aluminum is one of the only materials out there that made the jacks lightweight.

Now, lightweight jacks are best because they have to go on the ladders. In order to ensure that the ladder doesn’t feel too much of a force, it must be lightweight.

Plus, they are sturdy enough to carry the weight of the scaffold. So, you can easily place a plank of the jacks to create a cute little space to work on the elevated part of the RV.

How To Setup Ladder Jack?

Knowing about how different stuff of the RV can save you quite a lot of money. For instance, if you know which battery works on the generator of RV , that might save you a couple of bucks. So, do know how to use stuff or you might need help.

And they can be costly. So, let’s have a rundown of the steps there are to set up a jack for the ladders.

Step 1- Inspect The Equipment

First things first, you will have to inspect every inch of the equipment. This is because you will have to get on a plank that you make. To ensure your safety you will have to ensure that the material is safe to use.

Thus, before starting, try to make sure your equipment isn’t damaged. Hence, check the ladder, jacks, and even the plank you plan to go on.

Step 2- Fasten The Jack

Once the equipment is all checked you will have to fasten the jacks. Now, remember that there are jacks that have different rungs. So, make sure that the brackets fit in the right place of the ladder.

After that, tighten the jacks accordingly to ensure that it has a good grasp. Once that’s done you can move on to the next step.

Step 3- Place The Plank

Once the jacks are in place you are good to go to place the planks on the jacks. Remember even after you place the plank you will have to ensure that you adjust the plank in its place.

So, do remember to adjust the jacks to have a secured plank to rest on. After that, you are done.

Things That Make Ladder Jacks Great: Buying Guide

Adjusting the trailer door may be easy but what if you have to adjust the antenna on the roof of an RV? You might need the help of the ladder jacks to help make you a scaffold.

But just any ladder jack won’t do. You will have to buy the best one in the market. And for that, you need to be aware of the things that make a ladder jack great.

Ability To Support Long Body

First and foremost, there will always be a limit to the width of the plank a ladder jack can support. You need to look at the highest length a ladder jack can support.

Now, we will advise you to buy the ladder jacks that support higher width. This is because it gives you the ability to buy a wider plank to stand on. Hence, the risk of falling down significantly decreases.

Adjustable Features

Next, you should know that some of the ladder jacks have adjustable features. That means they can be adjusted to accommodate any length of planks out there.

However, some of the jacks do not allow adjustable features. They only support planks of a fixed size.

Lightweight Material

Moving on, it is a great advantage if the ladder jack is lightweight. You see, the jacks go directly on the ladder and they are the ones that have to bear the weight of everything which includes the plank and you as well.

Hence, having jacks that are lightweight can save the ladder some pain. And ultimately the risk of the ladder falling down will be dramatically low.

The Total Weight Capacity

Lastly, consider the total weight capacity of the jacks. You see, every jack has its limit on the amount of weight it can support. Hence, the ones that can support higher weight are better in case two people want to get up on the plank.

Plus, they are more capable of handling the weight. Hence, the overall risk decreases with such ladder jacks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are 3 rung ladder jacks better than 2 rung ladder jacks?

Answer: In our opinion, the 3 rung ladder jacks offer more stability. This is because the rung goes around more of the ladder steps. Hence, it gets a better chance at grasping the ladder when compared to 2 rung ladders.

Q: Are ladder jacks safe?

Answer: Well, the ladder jacks are safe only if you set them up properly. They need to be in the right place and you have to follow all the instructions to set them up. After that, you have to ensure that you don’t cross the weight capacity for the ladder jack.

Q: Are scaffolds safer than ladders?

Answer: Scaffold might be more useful than a ladder but they aren’t safer than a ladder. This is because the risk of an elevated platform falling down is much higher than a ladder collapsing on the ground.

To Sum Up

That marks the end of our article on the best ladder jack. Which item caught your eyes? We surely have our eyes on the Werner AC10-20-02 Long Body Aluminum Ladder Jacks.

But that might not be your top pick. So, do think about all the conditions you need to consider before buying the ladder jack. And then, make a sound decision. Anyway, we now leave things in your capable hands. Adios!

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