Which Battery Starts Rv Generator

Which Battery Starts Rv Generator ? [Expert Opinion]

Generators can be extremely helpful to any RV owner whether you operate it for a brief period of time and all night! A lot of people are asking this since it can be a little unclear if your generator is powered by the battery in your home or on the chassis. The answer is straightforward You can connect the generator either but a chassis is the most efficient choice.

Be aware that the power of your chassis may eventually drain too but it will last longer. Additionally, it’s simpler to allow the generator to recharge your chassis rather than the battery in your home.

Chassis is usually the most reliable source of power when you have the option to pick between them, however some generators only operate with one. 

It is possible to verify this by looking up the manual switches for on and off in your generator. There are 2 switches in the area, one for the chassis and one for the battery.

Switch off the mechanical switch and ensure that the engine isn’t running before you attempt to turn on the generator

If the generator fails to begin, it would indicate that the generator is powered by battery packs from your home. If it isn’t running then it’s connected to the chassis battery. Be sure to switch off your power source.

It will differ based on the model of your RV. Some RV’s feature you generator connect directly to your house power, while others will connect the generator to the chassis power. Continue reading to find out what to do if your RV’s house battery is dead:-

How Can I Charge My RV House Battery?

If your battery for your RV home has failed, there are an array of ways you can attempt to charge it. Take a look at these suggestions from owners of RVs:

  • Plug your generator to shore power. It’s a straightforward concept that is usually successful. In this way, your converter will charge for you. Most of the time the on-board converter will charge faster than a stand-alone charger, or plug in your generator.
  • Find the battery charger. If your generator operates off of your home battery ensure that you bring an efficient battery charger which you can use. If you buy a quality heavy-duty charger, you can quickly and efficiently charge your home power.
  • Jump start the battery of your house. Sometimes, you can accomplish this by using the power of your chassis or the generator itself. Be aware that your chassis should be fully charged and this might be useful in a dire situation. It is also possible to use jumping cords or an jump Pack.
  • Emergency start. It may not be available present on all RV’s, but some have an option called “emergency start”. It will join all battery power remaining in the RV and start your generator till the end of the battery’s power is gone. 
  • This can give you a bit of time to charge your home battery. Remember that as time passes, your engine alternator will eventually charge your battery.

Final Word

We hope that this article has helped you decide which battery will start an RV’s engine. Sharing solutions and problems will help make RV living much more enjoyable. 

If we did not include anything you’ve experienced you’ve experienced, leave a note below to share your experience with other readers. In the meantime, have fun your time, stay safe and have fun while RVing!

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