How To Use A Grease Gun

How To Use A Rv Grease Gun ? [The Ultimate Guide]

Isn’t it necessary to give your machine a longer life? If your answer is yes, then look forward. But what is the relation between this question and this topic?

Your grease gun is mainly used for pushing lubricant into the machine and you may know that we use lubricant for maintaining the operation of the machine smoothly. And for that, you have to apply grease to your machine.

Now the question comes how to apply grease? The lubricant can’t be applied by your hand. So you have to use some objects like the grease gun to apply. And after that, the question comes how to use a grease gun.

Let’s see!!

 Here, I can give you surety that after reading this article, you will be able to use a grease gun properly. Also, I have attached the process from the very beginning so that you don’t feel any problem while reading this and doing your job.

Using process

Let’s see the process of using the grease gun perfectly. I have made some points by which you will be able to be sure about the whole process in a nutshell. Before that let’s see some adhesive work which is needed when you will start the job.

•    You have to first pull out the cap from the head of the barrel.

•    Insert the rod handle again

•    You should now lock the handle rod.

•    Now, you have to pull the tag on the end of the cartridge.

•    You should now Push the cartridge enough so that the rim of the cartridge touch the rim of the barrel.

Now pause here. You can say that I want to load the grease gun from a tub of grease. What I can do!!!! Don’t worry. Check these points.

•    As I have said above, remove the head of the barrel.

•    Put a big amount of grease in the top of the barrel.

•    You may now put the barrel into the tub of grease and make the position.

•    You have to insert for 2 inches or like 5.1 cm of the barrel into the tub.

•    While pulling the plunger rod up you have to push the barrel down.

•    You have to lock the handle of the rod when the grease will fully enter in.

•    Now, you can pull the barrel out of the tub.

•    Then you should use a cloth or rag to clean the grease off from the barrel.

Now, check the below procedure which will be same for above two possibilities.

•    You have to now attach the cap of the barrel to its previous position but don’t make the joining so tight. Keep it loose.

•    Turn the rod handle out of the retaining groove. Then release the rod handle.

•    Then push the rod handle. It will help to release the air from the inside of the barrel. And it will force the air out.

•    You have to Pump the nozzle and make some grease out of the barrel.

•    Now tight the cap of the barrel and push the air bleeder down so that the rest of the air can get out.

•    You can Place the coupler at the end of the grease gun extension hose so that this can also be greased.

•    You should pump the handle for several times to flow the grease level up.


Now it’s time to choose the location of the machine where you will actually put the grease. And start applying grease by below instruction.

•    Now you have to put the nozzle in the exact location. Before placing you have to check that grease gun is working smoothly which I have already mentioned in this article.

•    Determine the quantity of the grease that you have to push through the selected area of the machine.

•    Now, you have to press the hand of the piston to gain sufficient pressure.

•    When you become assure that sufficient pressure has occurred, hold the trigger up.

•    Directly pour the grease into the targeted area.

•    When the lubricant will get out from the joint, stop pushing or pumping at that point.

•    If you are using a battery functional grease gun, you will have to maintain the time so that you can maintain the correct amount of grease to pour.


In the conclusion, I must say that the concentration is the only thing that you have to maintain while you will apply the grease gun.

If you have already read the procedure, you may have noticed that at every point I have pointed on that the targeted job will happen only, when you will do the procedure perfectly.

So, read the procedure again and think about the procedure and run your machine smoothly.

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