How To Check Tire Pressure

How To Check Rv Tire Pressure ? [Expert Guide]

In your cars’ tire, you will find somewhere writing Max. Press 31 PSI. This means you can run your car when the tire is around 31 PSI.

You have to always maintain this because the tires have to bear the load of your car. And for that, the pressure has to be right as per as the tire has been manufactured.

So this article contains the process of how to check tire pressure. Because the process that you have to go through for checking the pressure is important to know perfectly.

The first thing to check the pressure you will need

•    Tire pressure gauge

•    Air compressor

Let’s see the process how to check tire pressure in some detail talk and in some arranged bullet point topics.

Let’s start with cold tires

For starting this topic before that you may have to know what is PSI. PSI means ‘pounds per square inch’. Your vehicle’s manufacturer decides the number. And it is measured assuming the tire in cold situation.

If you have parked your car for three hours or more, then you can consider the tire of your vehicles in cold situation. Actually, in PSI unit, the pressure gauge shows the result.

You can open the door jamb of driver’s side to check the recommended pressure. Normally, Manufacturer Company built the door jamb with the recommended PSI unit for both front and back tires.

If you don’t find in that, you can check the manual script to find the number. Otherwise, if these two ways get failed, call the company from where you have bought your vehicle or a qualified professional.

Write down the PSI

Grab a notepad and a pen. Then write down the number of the pressure that you have collected.  You should do this because you have to go around the car for checking the pressure.

Check pressure with gauge

At first, you have to remove the valve cap which is placed in every tire to control the in and out of the air. Now, you may place the pressure gauge on the valve of the tire and then you have to press down so that the sound like hiss come out. And for that, you have to press hard enough.

Your pressure gauge will give you a certain amount by some time. There will be a bar which will be small and that will be pushed by the air pressure. And the bar will show how much pressure is in the tire. You can see in the digital pressure gauge the parameter perfectly on the screen.

Then write down the measurement in the notebook for all tires.

Now you can use an air compressor to fill the recommended pressure. Eventually, when you will measure the pressure, you will see that the pressure is low and sometimes the pressure can be very low.

So, you have to refill the tires with air. Every type of air compressor doesn’t work perfectly. So, you have to check the user manual script before using the air compressor.

You should park your vehicle if you are at a gas station for air filling. Because then the hose will be able to reach all the four tires.

You will insert changing into the machine until you hear that the motor is working. You have to fill each tire by placing the hose on the valve stem. You also have to press on the liver.

You have to adjust the inflation in the hot situation. It is necessary because if you are using the air compressor at the gas station, the tire will be hot. So, you have to reset the pressure 14 kPa which is the above recommendation for cold inflation.

Recheck the pressure

After filling the air you have to check with presser gauge to make it sure that you have not entered air below the recommendation. Because you can let the extra amount of air out.


In the end, I can just show you the way but you have to do the job by yourself. SO read the article again and check that you haven’t missed any point.

After this point, I should say for just a few dollars don’t use any imperfect pressure gauge. Don’t feel hesitate to consult with a technician. And if you don’t have any problem with changing batteries, then you can use a digital pressure gauge.

Continue your journey and always have a safe journey

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