Rv holding tank monitor panel not working

RV Holding Tank Monitor Panel Not Working : A Complete Guide

A monitor panel is standard on many contemporary RVs. This makes keeping track of what’s going on in your RV a breeze. It can determine how full your holding tanks are. And it also notifies you if you run out of fresh water. But what if the display panel in your RV stops working?

So, your query is, why is my RV holding tank monitor panel not working?

Well, you can have several issues that would result in this problem. First of all, a blown fuse could be the main reason for this. Secondly, any type of short wiring can also be the source of this issue. Finally, the wrong tank sensor can also be responsible for this.

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Why Does My RV Holding Tank Monitor Panel Not Work?

It’s not uncommon for RV holding tank monitor panels to malfunction these days. It can have different types of issues for which it stops working. So, you need to know about the problems properly to refrain from further issues!

We have got here the problems discussed in detail below-

Problem 1: A Blown Fuse

A blown fuse is one of the most prevalent problems with RV monitor panels. It’s possible that this is what’s causing the battery to overheat. Without a doubt, this issue can be resolved quickly. 

Maintain a supply of extra fuses on hand. Also, be sure you have the tools you’ll need to replace them.

But are you tense that you don’t have any spare fuses with you now? Moreover, you might not be even sure about which one to choose!

These are the products that are quite durable and efficient!

Coming back to the point-

To be honest, it’s best to keep a supply of spare fuses on hand at all times. When traveling with your camper, you’ll almost certainly need a fuse or two. When you’re on the road, having a selection on hand is also a smart idea.

Problem 2: Short Wiring

Only one reading is affected by a malfunctioning sensor. If, on the other hand, all of your tanks consistently produce the same (incorrect) reading, it’s most likely a short in your wiring or monitor panel.

For instance, you might see that all three holding tanks are consistently marked as empty. This indicates that the panel is not receiving accurate information. 

You’ll also need to choose the best amp EMS. This is because the information problem can also arrive due to the wrong EMS. 

You should generally leave this to a skilled RV technician. If you’re too good with electrical issues, you may give it a try. But remember one thing! For this type of technical issue, it is always best to seek the advice of experts.

Problem 3: Wrong Tank Sensor

This problem is nothing technical, to be honest. To be precise, it is due to dirt in the sensor. As a result, you get the wrong thing read by the monitor pane. To resolve this, you just need to clean the sensor. Also, check if there’s any low voltage issue.

You could notice that one of your tanks is stuck. It may only need to be cleaned in that instance. For example, your tank may appear to be full even though it has recently been drained. 

This generally indicates that the sensor is being tampered with. And it’s essentially deceiving it into thinking the tank is still full.

Fill the tank halfway with liquid and add a cleanser to flush it out. Drive the RV around, stopping and starting frequently. Then let the water’s motion clean out the tank.

So, these are the problems for your monitor panel not working.

What To Do If Your Monitor Is Still Not Working?

If you see your monitor still has issues, it’s unfortunate. Because you actually can not do anything else to fix this. Perhaps it has permanent issues that can not be resolved. A defective RV converter might possibly be the cause. As a result, the entire display panel will need to be replaced!

Remember that the panel should provide you with information about several different systems. It should, for example, display information about the battery and holding tanks. 

It’s unusual for all of those systems to fail at the same time. However, the panel is prone to failure. Some customers opt to swap the panel with a fresher, more precise one.


Q: How does a tank of RV holding tank work?

Answer: In a simple low voltage electrical system, a typical tank sensor closes the loop. They are mounted on the sidewalls of the storage tank. Make sure the head of each sensor is inside the tank. On the body of the storage tank, the sensors physically rise or fall in a row.

Q: Where to find the sensors in the black tank?

Answer: Typically, RV tank sensors provide five separate values. When the tank is empty, you will be notified. Each of these sensors is located in or on the sidewall of the tank. The 14 full sensor is closest to the bottom of the tank, while the full sensor is at the top.

Q: Is it safe to use vinegar to clean the RV washrooms?

Answer: Yes, vinegar can be used in an RV toilet. Cleaning with vinegar and baking soda is quite effective. This combination is also excellent for whitening the toilet bowl. You’ll need a bottle of white vinegar to clean your RV toilet tank.

The Final Words

Now you know why is your RV holding tank monitor panel not working! The entire information we gathered here is relevant to your concern. We hope you find it quite helpful!

Good luck!

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