Which Side Is The Hot Water Faucet On Rv ? [Expert Opinion]

We all have heard the term hot water faucets, and most of us have probably tried to figure out which side it is on. But do you know, which side is the hot water faucet on?

The hot water Faucet is the most important fixture in any apartment. Well, we will give you a quick tutorial on which side is hot and cold on washer hookup! You will find this information very helpful when dealing with installing the faucet.

Which side is the hot water faucet on?

Which side is hot and cold on a faucet? The question is frequently asked, particularly in flats. The answer is simple, it is on both sides, but that does not mean that you have to turn on the hot water faucet from both sides.

When looking at the hot water faucet, you will see a lever on either side of the faucet. The lever has one end attached to an inlet pipe, and the other is attached to a brass or plastic tube which goes into your hot water tank.

The brass or plastic tube may have an indicator light on it, and this light will show you what side is hotter. This indicator light will either be red or green depending on whether it is heating cold water or hot water.

Most people will assume that if they are using cold water, they need to turn off the hot water and vice versa, but this assumption is incorrect. The reason why this assumption occurs is because of how most people use their faucets.

Most people will turn on the cold water faucet, put their hand under the faucet and then turn on the hot water. It means cold water is running through the brass or plastic tube and heating hot water.

It is incorrect because you do not have to turn off hot water when using cold water. You only need to turn off cold water when using hot water. If your hot water tank does not give you a visual indicator light, then you will need to figure out which side is hotter by trial and error.

The Types Of Hot Water Faucets

There are three types of hot water faucets:

Standard Faucet

This type is the most common type for most people. The hot water is turned on by pressing a button or pulling out a knob, and then the water flows from the faucet.

Lever Faucet

This type is similar to standard, but instead of being a large knob that can be pulled out, this faucet has two buttons or levers that must be pushed in to turn on the hot water. This type of faucet is generally found in European countries and older buildings because it uses less water than other faucets.

Touchless Faucet

This type was introduced into North America after a patent was filed for it by Toshiba in 1997 but has since become very popular and widely used in the United States. These types of faucets use sensors to detect when you are using them, so you do not need to turn the water on yourself.

Instead, the faucet automatically turns the water on for you. It can be very convenient in many situations and a great way to conserve water.

What is the procedure for the installation of a hot water faucet?

Check the existing faucet

Measure the distance from where the old faucet was to where you want to install it to ensure there is enough space for your new faucet.

Remove the old faucet

You may need a helper or a second person to hold down the handle of your old faucet while you unscrew it from its location. Once unscrewed, remove it from its location and remove any screws or nails attached to its base.

Remove any debris

If there are any objects or debris in its base, remove them using a putty knife and then wash out the base with water to clean it before installing your new faucet.

Install your new faucet

Place your new faucet into place, making sure that its spout is level and facing towards you and that its water lever is facing away from you so that it is not blocking the flow of water.

Level your faucet

While your old faucet was in place, you probably noticed it slightly off-level. Remove the old faucet and move it to a new position, ensuring it is level with the rest of the sink.

Install your new spout

Once you have your new faucet in place, attach its spout to the top of its sink by using an appropriately sized screwdriver or a wrench.

Attach any necessary parts

If you install a dual handle hot water faucet, attach one handle to each side of the faucet’s sink, then attach the other handle to either side of its spout using an appropriately sized screwdriver or a wrench.

If there is no hole for attaching handles on your existing sink, you will need to drill one into its base before attaching any handles or knobs onto it.

Test your new faucet

Turn the water on and test it by placing a cup under the faucet. If your faucet has an automatic shut-off valve, then wait until the water flow is over before turning it off since this will prevent any leaks if you turn it off prematurely.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between cold and hot water faucets?

Coldwater faucets are usually located on the left side of the sink. Hot water faucets are usually located on the right side of the sink.

Why does the hot water faucet keep dripping?

 If the faucet leaks, you’ll need to turn off the water supply and turn the water off at the main valve. Then, you’ll need to call a plumber to fix it.

Can You Put the Faucet On the Side Of the Sink?

We’re used to seeing faucets installed in the middle of the sink, but that doesn’t imply that’s your only option. Most people can use a side-mount faucet.

How Do I Increase My Kitchen Sink’s Hot Water?

To increase the flow of hot water, locate the valve on the left supply line under the sink and crank it counterclockwise. If the hot water pressure is still low even though the valve is fully open, check for leaks around the sink or faucet.


Which side is the hot water faucet on? It’s a very common question. If you want to replace your kitchen faucet but don’t know where to start, the best place to start is by reading our article, which has some great tips and advice on how to replace a kitchen faucet.

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