How does a power inverter work

How Does A Rv Power Inverter Work ? [A Detailed Guide]

Aren’t we the luckiest people who are living in this era?

We can easily access the electricity but do we know that what is current and how we use currently? Because current is not a touchable object but definitely you will get shocked if you try to check its presence.

Two forms of current which we use in our daily lives but sometimes we use by converting them into one another. And in this article, we will discuss how this converting process work.

Before starting the discussion we should know why we need a converter and for what purpose we use the power inverter.

The necessity of power inverter

Let me tell you something that when you think about electricity, in a word you will say that the flow of electron is mainly the electricity. And for that, you draw pictures in your mind about a D.C circuit.

But from the source of electricity, from where the electricity comes to our house is in the A.C current. A.C current like changes its direction 50-60 times in a second.

In our home, there are many gadgets which can be run by D.C current but no other way taking current from A.C source. In that case, you use an extra equipment called rectifier. This thing bears diode which mainly converts A.C current to D.C current.

The converter works in the same and opposite way. That means it converts D.C current to A.C current.

Now you may ask that why we need this because we get A.C current source directly in our house!!!

Your car run by using a 12-volt battery. The battery provides D.C current. That means the current start from the negative terminal and complete the circle and then go back to the positive terminal again.

Batteries provide only low-voltage current. Many devices need more current than the providing D.C current source. On the other ways A.C current works better in high voltage and that’s why we need to convert D.C current to A.C current.

Now let’s see how does a power converter work and what’s the process

Working process of power inverter:

The A.C current provides the current in form of the sine wave. But an inverter can’t provide the output a smooth and perfect sine wave. And instead of these, it provides wave in a square form. So, it is not so simple.

If I start to tell, then I think I should tell you about both old as well as the modern converter so that you can compare.

How old fashioned converter works

Those days’ converter works as an electro-mechanical device. The D.C current flows from the end of the circuit with a magnet obviously an electromagnet.

The current hit the magnet and that active magnet pull a wire which is the connected arm and that force the wire to connect with the circuit.

Then the power gets detached from the electromagnet. This incident changes the direction of the flow of the current. After releasing the magnet, the magnet would have to get the wire back by snapping. And that allows the current flow on the other side. That again activate the magnet.

How Modern converter works

In the modern converters, you won’t find an electromagnet device. Instead of this modern inverters do their job by using oscillator circuits. This also makes the same process run. But they are made by transistors or sometimes semiconductor which is called diode.

In the language of the Electrical word, when the switch is off the rectifier and diodes works to get the peak inductive current. And from that simple, the direction of current get changed and form an A.C current.

As I have said earlier about producing square wave current, in the low-budget converter this types of things happen. If you run a simple coffee maker or electric simple motor then you can use that. Otherwise, by costing a huge amount, you can produce a perfect sine wave.


So, in the electrical world, it is not only important to convert A.C current to D.C current but also convert D.C current to A.C current.

The reason already I have explained. In a simple word you are not being able to get A.C current but you have to use A.C current.

So, in that case, you have to use a converter which will increase the D.C power source voltage and will help you to do your job perfectly.

And now, you know how this thing happens. Let’s spread the knowledge among the people and let them also know how this inverter works.

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