Best Jack For Single Axle Trailer

Best Jack For Single Axle Trailer : The Lifters

A flat tire can be anyone’s nightmare. Imagine if that happens right in the middle of the woods. Terrifying, right? Well, not if you have the right jack by your side. They can help you lift off your wheels so that you can do your magic and fix the problem.

However, for the single axle trailers, you need to consider quite a lot of factors before buying a jack. You need the best jack for single axle trailer.

But hey, so many options to choose from. It can all seem a bit overwhelming. Well, if you know what to look for then it really isn’t much of a big deal. You will be able to pick one right away.

However, you will still have to look at the features closely. And that is exactly what we will do here. You see, we have gathered 5 of the best-selling jacks out there. And we will go over them one by one.

Plus, we even answered a few common questions about jacks. Do go over them if you have any further questions about the jacks.

Now, since all that is covered we can get started with the main dish. Here we go-

Our Top 5 Best Jack For Single Axle Trailer Review

At A Glance

  • Vehicle Service Type: Truck
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Load Capacity: 40,000 Pounds
  • Adjustable Size: 9.5 to 17.75 inches
  • Color: Red

More About The Product

At the very top of our list, we have the one and only BIG RED T92003B Hydraulic Bottle Jack. This one is the champion of jacks out there. At least in our eyes. But give us a chance to explain why.

Now, if you noticed the comparison table you must have seen that this jack has 40,000 lbs weight capacity. This is the highest on the list. That means this jack will be able to lift even the heaviest trailer out there.

Besides, this jack is made out of an alloy of steel. Because of this, the whole thing is quite durable in nature. Plus, it is also powerful enough to list your trailer without you having to worry about it.

That’s not all. You won’t experience any leaks. Yep, it’s designed like that (especially the outer and inner layers). You get to enjoy a leak-free performance.

Plus, there is a saddle in the design. This allows you to securely hold the jack. You get a solid grip thanks to the extra handle. Moreover, it helps to hold you in a secure position without the risk of it falling down on your feet.

Furthermore, this is a bottle jack so it uses hydraulic pressure to lift your trailer. Hence, it is reliable enough to ensure that your trailer uplifts even when you are in a messed-up situation.

Plus, the size is compact. So, you can take it anywhere. It doesn’t really cause a problem here. And, it won’t take up too much space at the back of your trailer. Making your life a bit easier.

On top of this, you don’t have to worry about the whole thing exploding because of hydraulic pressure build-up. There is some internal bypass that will ensure that the pressure gets diverted when there is an internal malfunction.

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2. Powerbuilt Bottle Jack Review

At A Glance

  • Vehicle Service Type: Truck
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Load Capacity: 3 tons
  • Color Black
  • Adjustable Length: 11 to 21 inches
  • Item Weight ‎: 22.4 pounds

More About The Product

In second place we have the Powerbuilt Bottle Jack. Although the brand itself states that it is power built, how much power does it have in store. Well, let’s find out.

Before diving too deep we would like to mention that this one has the greatest adjustable length range. You see, it lies between 11 to 21 inches. Hence, if you are ever stuck in a hole too deep this jack will come to save your day.

They work better for the single axle wheels. You see, it has the power to both lift and hold the heavy single-wheeled axle all by itself. Thus you won’t need extra help to make sure the tire stays up while you work on it.

Contrary to before, this product is made out of aluminum. So, it is much lighter than the first product. Thus, it will be easier for you to carry it around.

But it only lifts up to 6,00 lbs. So, as long as the weight on the wheels of your trailer is less than this the jack will be compatible with you. But make sure you check the values before committing to this jack.

Moreover, there are bar locks present on this jack. With the help of them, you will be able to secure the tire in its place and ensure that the wheel doesn’t slip off too easily.

Plus, the whole design makes the jack portable. So, you can carry it from one place to another without much of a hassle.

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At A Glance

  • Adjustable Size: 3.75 to 18 inches
  • Weight Handling Capacity: 3 tons
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Item Weight ‎: 58 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: ‎30 x 13.5 x 8 inches

More About The Product

Moving on, we have the Arcan Aluminum Jack. Now, this one too has quite a lot of exceptional things that it brings to the table. But in order to explore them, we have to dig a bit deep.

Now, the special thing about this jack is that it has the lowest height reach. The adjustable range for this item is 3.75 to 18 inches. Now, if you ask us, that is a pretty versatile range.

You will be able to get the trailer out of a pinch if the wheel falls into a put. Plus, if you are using it on the level ground you will have the ability to lift the wheel to the right level in order to get the job done quite quickly.

Plus, this jack has a dual pump pistol. You see, with the help of that you can swiftly lift off the wheel to the right level. This makes the whole process a bit faster for you.

Moreover, there is an extra lift arm. Because of that, you get the extra needed strength to take on the wheels of a single axle trailer. Also, it can take the wheel to the right place with the need for extra items.

Furthermore, the wheel has the ability to support a weight of 3 tons. So, as long as it matches with the weight that the trailer puts on the wheels you should be good to go. Now, the weight handling capacity is quite high.

However, to ensure that this will work you will have to check the weight of your trailer. That will give you an idea of whether your trailer is compatible with this one or not.

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At A Glance

  • Vehicle Service Type: Truck
  • Load Capacity: 6 tons
  • Color: Grey
  • Item Weight: ‎10.24 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: ‎4.92 x 9.76 x 4.33 inches

More About The Product

Next on the list, we have the Pro-Lift B-006D Bottle Jack. Yeah, this is the semi-last product. But hey, what can you do? The others might not have been your perfect match. It happens. But we have to move on. Who knows this might be the one.

Well, if the others stuck out before their price then this one might be right for you. This is because it is budget-friendly. You will get all the benefits of a jack for the single axle at a low cost. Moreover, it is the lightweight jack out here.

So, you won’t have to have the extra burden of carrying the jack everywhere. No matter whether you go out camping or for a wilderness adventure the jack will be there for you to take with you.

Plus, the whole thing is heat treated. Thus, you can expect some pretty high performance from the jack. They won’t let you down even during some critical moments.

Moreover, it has the capacity to handle 6 tons of weight. So, if your trailer weighs anything less than that you will be able to get the jack to work for you. 

Furthermore, the whole thing is made out of steel. Even the saddle. Thus, this jack has the power to withstand quite a lot of pressure. You can count on it to be strong enough to uplift the wheel of your trailer and hold it for you to do the fixing job.

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5. Springfield Quick Change Trailer Jack

At A Glance

  • Compatible Wheel Size: 10 to 15 inches
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Item Package Dimensions: ‎17 x 10.6 x 2.8 inches
  • Weight Handling Capacity: 2 tons

More About The Product

Lastly, we have the Springfield Quick Change Trailer Jack. The Springfield brand is quite well-known. Maybe you heard of it? Well, nonetheless we will still go deep inside the jack and explore its functions.

You see, out of all the jacks out there this is the easiest to use. All you have to do is put the jack on the axle and move your car a bit. The jack will go on the axle on its own.

You won’t even have to do any heavy lifting. Plus, the whole thing is made out of aluminum. So, the weight of this jack is quite low.

Hence, it won’t even be a hassle to carry the jack with you wherever you go. Plus, they don’t even take up much space. So you can put it at any part of the trailer and forget about it. And of course, take it out whenever you need it.

Moreover, this jack works on wheels sized 10 to 15 inches. So, as long as your wheel size falls within this range you are free to use this jack. But the range is quite versatile so it should work on most wheels. However, it never hurts to check.

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Types Of Jacks For Single Axle Wheels

Feeling confused about which jack to pick? Well, it can all seem a bit daunting if you don’t know the fundamentals. For instance, if you have no clue about the types of jacks available in the market then things can look pretty out of place.

Mapping out the common ones might do you the trick. Now, there are different types of jacks available in the market. But the 3 basic ones are the trolley jack, bottle jack, and scissors jack.

So, what are their specialties? Let’s look in detail.

Trolley Jack

The trolley jacks are known for their hydraulic pressure. This helps the jack to lift off the trailer quite efficiently. Plus, they can be rolled quite easily to ensure that they have proper placement.

The extra hydraulic power makes them quite safe. However, the downside is that they are a bit expensive. So, if you are willing to invest a little this might do wonders for you.

Bottle Jack

Bottle jacks can be said to be a mini version of the trolley jacks. This is because they too use hydraulic pressure to fire up the jacks. However, the size is a bit small in comparison with the trolley jacks.

Thus, it can become easier for you to store the jack when you are not using it. At the same time, it will be easier for you to take it out to places. The only disadvantage that you might face is the fact that you might notice a lack of balance.

Scissor Jack

Looking for the smallest jack in the market? Well, it doesn’t get as small as the scissor jacks. Yeah, they are even smaller than the bottle jacks so you will have ease in transporting them.

However, the scissor jacks are old styles. This can be easy to use for some people but they aren’t that powerful. They can lift the comparatively smaller trailers. 

What Is The Required Capacity Of Tire Jack For My Trailer?

Every tire jack needs to have the minimum required weight handling capacity in order to lift a trailer. Think about it if a trailer doesn’t have enough power to lift your trailer then what disaster might happen?

The tire may flatten your jack. Instead of fixing the problem with your tire, you will have more disasters on your hands.

So, what is the minimum weight capacity needed by a jack?

Well, the answer depends on the weight of your trailer. You see, the jack needs to be able to support at least 10% of the total weight of your trailer.

For instance, if your trailer weighs 15,000 lbs. Then your trailer has to support at least 1,500 lbs. But apart from that, it can support anything higher than that.

A higher weight-bearing capacity is always a bonus. With that, you might be able to lift trailers that have more weight.

What Should Be The Height Reach Of The Tire Jack?

We all know that the tire jacks lift the tires in order to help you fix the problems with your tire. But how high should the tires be taken to?

Well, you can lift it as high as you want. But we believe taking the tires to be high enough for you to do the job is good enough. Now, the minimum height that a jack should be able to reach is 17 inches.

It might seem a bit too high for some people but think about the most adverse situation. What if your tire gets stuck in the woods with pretty deep holes? Having a jack that has your back even during those critical times is important.

However, what is important to note in this sector is the center of gravity.

You see when you lift the tire the center of gravity shifts. So, you don’t want the whole thing to lose balance and fall off. Plus, the single axle trailers do have a bit of lower gravity, to begin within the first place.

In order to ensure that you have the correct jack for the one-axle trailer, you have to focus on the U bolt spot’s distance. Now, when you are using a jack you have to make sure that it fits with the U bolt distance.

If it does you are good to go. This is because it will ensure that the center of gravity is at the right spot.

Which Material Works Best For A Tire Jack?

The composite material of a jack is also crucial. This will determine whether the jack is capable of lifting the single axle wheel all by itself or not. Now, to make the life of the jacks worse the single-axle wheels tend to be a bit heavy.

Thus, the jacks have to have enough power to lift up those heavy wheels. Now, for that, the material plays quite a big role. You see, the jacks need to be made of steel, aluminum, or a mixture of steel and aluminum.

If we had to recommend we would say that the steel jacks are the best. They are strong enough to lift the single jacks all by themselves. On the other hand, a combination of aluminum and steel isn’t too bad. 

They do have decent performance. But aluminum on its own can be a bit tricky. If used right they can help you with your work. But the greatest benefit that you will get is that the jacks will be lightweight.

Hence, you will be able to carry the jacks around quite easily. They won’t be a drag to have.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How do you jack up a single axle utility trailer?

Answer: To jack up a single axle utility trailer you need to first ark the trailer at a level field. Then lock up the wheels so that they don’t skid. After that, unhitch the trailer and place the jack right below the axle of your wheel. Use the jack to lift the wheels to your desired length.

Question: Is it okay to leave your car on a jack?

Answer: It is not safe to leave the jack on a car. This is because the tools are not crafted for standard lifting. Hence, you need to lift your car with a jack and then use a stand to ensure that the trailer stays uplifted.

Question: How do you use an easy lift trailer jack?

Answer: The easy lift trailers are pretty simple to use. All you have to do is attach the jack to the axle of your wheel. Then take your trailer for a drive, but only for a few inches. You will see that the jack is set up on its own.

Question: What are leveling jacks?

Answer: Leveling jacks are the jacks that are used to ensure that the trailer or RV stays on a level friend for you to work on.

To Sum up

Well, that’s about all on the best jack for single axle trailer. We do wish that you find the perfect jack for your one axle trailer.

But hey, you have more info now. So, best of luck! We are right here if you have any queries. Anyway, this is us signing off. Toodles!

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